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selected from TV Zone #109
• BBC History recovered amongst domestic tapes - Who's involved?
Crusade production resumes, plus first 13 episodes identified
Sliders Season Five Revisions
• Chris Carter's Harsh Realm at Twentieth-Century Fox
Doctor Who Czar moves on at BBC Worldwide
You are about to enter...• French Alien Comedy commissioned
Star Trek update
• and what this logo means for the fifth dimension...

US Focus on the fall season's early hits, plus the latest series casting

TV Focus on the key cult programmes on over 15 channels in late November and December, including some Due South episode UK premieres – but not on any terrestrial channels

In the Shops: our merchandise round-up includes book release schedules up to the end of 1999 (no, really)

Primetime: we report on CBS's ratings-winning series JAG, from the creator of Quantum Leap

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