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Babylon 5
B5 - trio of figures
Merchandise Review
Babylon 5
Wave 2 Figures
Exclusive Premiere Figures, Available through Kool Collectables (01904 624074 in the UK)
Out Now, Price £12.99 each

You too can be touched by the Vorlons

For those of you out there bored of trying to get your Sheridan to hold hands with your Delenn figure, or even your G’Kar and your Londo to do the same (you know who you are), rejoice, for wave two of Exclusive Premiere’s fine range of Babylon 5 toys have landed. This time, we have Vir, Kosh, Susan Ivanova and Marcus Cole to join the shelf. And on the whole, they’re pretty damn good.

Taking Marcus first, this is a nicely detailed figure with the outfit being spot on. And as with the other figures, the face isn’t a bad likeness either, though in a certain light, he does look like Greg Evigan from My Two Dads. Unfortunately, he’s not fully articulated, and like the Vir toy, can only move arms, head and wiggle hips from side to side. Susan fares better in the articulation stakes, but has seemingly been going to the same gym that Princess Leia went to between the re-release of the Star Wars toys, and I don’t remember the B5 rebel uniform ever being that tight-fitting. Vir is by far the best in likeness, and as with all the figures, a great deal of effort has been spent on getting these just right. These are good solid toys of a very high quality, and it’s easy to see why they’ve become such a fan favourite.

The ultimate novelty that the range provides is finally being able to get a Vorlon on your desk, though this unfortunately proves to be the least impressive of the figures, simply because there’s not much you can do with a superior being that wraps itself in a glittery shower curtain. A nicely detailed lump of plastic with a moveable head is the result, but in fairness, it’s the best that you can do if you’re doing it in this style. All the detail is there, including mysterious air holes and sacs, and the effect of the patterning is quite nice.

Top figures, that even come with miniature versions of their respective ships (Marcus’s WhiteStar is quite lovely) and a fab stocking filler for the B5 fan of the family..

Rated 7/10 reviewed by Dan Ranger

3rd Rock from the Sun
Nightmare on Dick St cover
Merchandise Review
3rd Rock from the Sun
Nightmare on Dick Street

Polygram Video, Cert PG
Out now, Price: £12.99 (two episodes plus extra footage)

Shortly after receiving an advert from the Big Giant Head to have their bodies put under warranty, the Solomons suddenly start to fall unconscious and experience strange visions. This being their first experience with dreams, Dick seeks psychiatric help, and he and Sally are soon under the influence of some mind-numbing pills, leaving Tommy in charge of writing a complete report on humanity.

Although an odd choice for a first video release (it’s the end of Season Two of the show), Nightmare on Dick Street is one of 3rd Rock’s best episodes (especially since it's double-length – Ed). The dream sequences are hilarious, with Dick being captured by a giant jelly and meeting a leather-clad, sadistic Dr Albright, Sally discovering the truth behind Officer Don, and Tommy exploring a cartoon landscape filled with fabulous temptations. But the undoubted highlight is the expertly choreographed Broadway number of Harry’s, which, like the others, is cleverly and effectively filmed to take full advantage of the fact that these sequences are in 3-D. Saving you the need to dig out those Children in Need specs from 1993, the video comes complete with 3-D glasses plus a short behind-the-scenes feature, and the surreal (and better than the actual one) alternative ending.

Rated 9/10 reviewed by Paul Spragg

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