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In this issue's 12-page News section:Smile therapy with Ally McBeal
  • The complete lowdown on no less than 36 series airing during the Fall and Winter in the US, with premiere dates, network or syndication scheduling details and all the episode titles known to date.
  • New series concepts include: a fallen Olympian hero who must bring romance to 100 couples as a mortal; medical drama with the first all-species hospital in Outer Space; a secret government project with access to a strictly short-term time-travel device; and a starship crew charged with finding a cure to a 23rd-Century bio-genetic plague. What series are these? We've got the answers...
  • Our annual round-up is your complete need-to-know guide to everything old, from Ally McBeal to Xena: Warrior Princess and everything new, from Brimstone to Young HerculesXena rides back
  • Network turbulence causes a hiatus for Crusade
  • Room for another new Star Trek series? Executive producer Rick Berman speaks
  • Channel 5 is putting money into Science-Fiction. Corinne Hollingsworth, head of drama at the UK's youngest channel, talks about the re-working of classic eco-drama Doomwatch, and genetic engineering in the new mini-series The Alchemist
  • Full merchandise release listings for November / December

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