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A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Readers

Special announcement regarding TV Zone issue #108

Here at Visual Imagination, we like to think that TV Zone - and all our other magazines - deserve to become collectors' items. But if you've spotted some problems with TV Zone issue #108, here's the lowdown on an instant collectors' item that we did not create!

We're sorry but, due to a major printer error, we had to postpone the distribution of TV Zone issue #108 by one week. The printing error involved eight TV Zone pages being replaced with pages which belong to a completely separate magazine, a computer publication not published by us. The error affected pages 38/39, 46/47, 54/55 and 62/63. A new print run was ordered to meet a revised publication date.

TV Zone issue #108 is the November 1998 issue, which was due for publication in the UK on the 15th October, and in the US on 2nd November. A corrected version of TV Zone #108 was published in the UK on 22nd October 1998 and was due in the US on 9th November.

The error was reported initially in e-mails from some prompt and eagle-eyed readers. Here at Visual Imagination we had not even had a chance to inspect a copy, as our advance issues had strangely failed to be delivered!

As soon as we heard of the problem at Visual Imagination we instituted a major recall. The majority of copies of the faulty issue will never have reached the UK shops, and none were shipped to retailers outside the UK.

If you have purchased a faulty issue: - please apply to your retailer or stockist for a replacement copy while the November issue is still in stock, when the correct copies are available. You can exchange the issue at no further cost, but only until the December issue TV Zone issue #109 replaces it in the shops, starting with the UK publication date of November 19th. After this date, if you have a faulty copy and cannot obtain a replacement from your retailer, you may apply to us for one by tearing off the front cover (with the bar-code intact) and posting it to Visual Imagination Ltd at our Mail Order address:

(UK) Visual Imagination Limited, PO Box 371, London, SW14 8JL, UK– or –

(US & Canada) Visual Imagination Limited, PO Box 156, Manorville, NY, 11949, USA.

If you are a subscriber: - the corrected printed issue will have been sent to you automatically as soon as it was ready. No faulty copies were sent to subscribers.

Please note that any copies ordered directly from us via our Online service will be the correct version.

We are sorry for any disappointment caused by this problem and the delay in distribution, but would like to emphasise that the mistake only occurred at the printers', and not in the production of the issue at Visual Imagination.

On the positive side, anyone interested in collecting issues of TV Zone who gets a faulty copy could well find they have a valuable collectors' item on their hands - even if we didn't mean them to… So it might be worth tracking down both versions of this issue!

Normal service was, as they say, resumed as soon as possible.

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