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Star Trek: VoyagerReaching a century in the 24th Century! Voyager's milestone Timeless, the 100th episode, is put under the microscope, and we join in the cast’s celebrations with a special 11-page feature ! Preview our exclusive interview with Garrett Wang, who plays Ensign Harry Kim, and find out who else we talked to...

LEXX Kai wins! Michael McManus, the actor behind the assassin Kai (essentially a 2,000-year-old animated corpse) talks about Season Two of the "downright menacing" Dark Zone Stories.

Ultraviolet Blood-sucking with Joe Ahearne’s superb thriller Ultraviolet, the show which brought UK Sci-Fi back from the dead

Doctor Who Michael Imison’s vision of the future - The Ark - is finally released on video this month. We chat to the director about his work on this classic ’60s Hartnell adventure

Highlander (Season Four)Our in-depth Season-by-Season guide reaches Highlander’s fourth year, with MacLeod experiencing the Dark Quickening…

Plus • our acclaimed cult television news pages • questions and answers on anything in Cult Television in Memory Alpha • Spinning The Wheel of Fire. Part one of our Season 5 guide to Babylon 5 • Fantasy Flashback to The Galileo Seven, where the Enterprise shuttle crew are trying to lose 500 pounds (or the equivalent of one Scotty) in this classic Star Trek episodeAnd it’s Christmas in our reviews section! Plan ahead for the fan in your family!

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