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In this issue's 10-page News section:

  • After the critical mauling (and box-office failure) of The Avengers movie, what future is there for other cinematic tv spin-offs? What's the latest BBC statement on a Doctor Who movie? TV Zone investigates.
  • Sci-Fi Channel's decision on Sliders' fifth season - lead cast in doubt Who's Sliding?
  • Rick Berman on Deep Space Nine's final season, premiering in September, plus Seven of Nine's Borg baby in Voyager
  • X marks the spot for Chris Carter at Fox
  • Details of cult winners from the creative Emmys
  • Main Crusade cast finalised - with another Babylon 5 crossover
  • TV Focus on October's key cult programmes from over 20 channels, including a Blue Peter anniversary and a Doctor Who milestone
  • In the Shops: our merchandise round-up covers all the book, audio and video releases up to the end of 1999 (no, really)
  • Primetime: we report on ABC's revival of Fantasy Island, the mysterious paradise where Malcolm McDowell is your host...

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