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In this issue's 10-page News section:

Pugwash ahoy!
  • Latest casting and production news from the cult television series currently shooting for the US Autumn and Winter seasons, including: Crusade's commander for the Babylon 5 spin-off • Dax's replacement on DS9 • Frank Black's new protégé in Millennium • a new attorney for Ally McBeal • John DeLancie in Earth Scum • and more
  • Channel 4 explains its postponement of the final five Babylon 5 episodes
  • Cult programmes including The X-Files, Merlin and 3rd Rock from the Sun feature strongly in the 1997/8 Primetime Emmy Award Nominations - we list all the nominations that matter...
  • ITV's autumn season looks all ship-shape with Hornblower and Captain Pugwash
  • Sliders Fifth Year is Go - but star casting remains in doubt
  • Going Dutch to see The X-Files movie, plus Chris Carter on pre-production of Season Six in Los Angeles.
  • In the Shops: our merchandise round-up lists over 80 book and video releases due in August and September
  • Primetime: exclusive report on United Paramount Network's group of spooky NightworldTV movies, including pictures of Kate Mulgrew in Riddler's Moon
  • New episode titles and writers for DS9 and Voyager's new seasons
  • TV Focus on September's key cult programmes from over 20 channels
  • Not forgetting news of The Simpsons, CI5 - The Professionals, The Net , Highlander's spin-offs...

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