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The X-Files Co-star David Duchovny talks about Mulder's move to the big screen, and why he wants to leave the show. The Well-Manicured Man works against Mulder - most of the time - but sometimes lends a helping hand. John Neville talks about his character and working with series creator Chris Carter. To see highlights from the article, click here.

The Avengers The film has arrived, with fans ready to scrutinize every second. We take a look at the original series, distilling its essence and identifying just what made The Avengers so unique.

Star Trek: Voyager The Trek continues, and in one issue we bring you the complete episode guide to the latest, fourth, season as the starship Voyager moves ever closer to home...

The Pretender Fleeing The Centre, genius Jarod can assume any identity, excel at any task as he continually avoids his pursuers. Creator/Producer Craig Van Sickle looks back to the creation of the series, and what the future may hold.

Quatermass Forty-five years ago the British nation sat glued to their television sets as a mutating creature from Space invaded Westminster Abbey. Soon it would send spores all over the planet and the human race would cease to exist. TV Zone examines how this Fifties television Armageddon came into being and how the British people reacted to it...

Plus • our acclaimed cult television news pages • questions and answers on anything in Cult Television in Memory Alpha • The Highlander retrospective continues with Season Three • Fantasy Flashback all the way back to a first season episode of Babylon 5 • full reviews of all the latest cult television and merchandise (click here for samples of our Babylon 5 and Doctor Who reviews)

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