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Is David Duchovny considering leaving the immensely popular X-Files?
Does he see a future in films based on the series?
Find out in TV Zone #106. Here's a short excerpt from our interview

It’s impossible to imagine The X-Files’ FBI Agent Fox Mulder being played by anyone else. However, in the beginning, actor David Duchovny wasn’t particularly enthused about doing The X-Files. “My agent said, ‘Let’s not get you involved in a tv show because things are going well and Kalifornia is going to come out soon. Let’s see what happens,’” recalls Duchovny, speaking at a posh Beverly Hills hotel while dressed casually in trousers and a light blue shirt. “I said, ‘Fine,’ because I’d never had any luck in getting a tv role, really. It seemed I didn’t have the right energy for it, whatever that means. Then my agent turned around and sent me The X-Files script. She said, ‘This is the best script I’ve read this year. Take a look at it and see if maybe you want to go in.’ So I read it and one of the reasons I took it was that I thought it would be a good show but that it would never get picked up.” He laughs heartily. “It’s about aliens. I thought they’re either here or they’re not here, and that once you showed them it was all over.”

Of course The X-Files was not only picked up, but went from cult curiosity to international phenomenon in the space of its first five years on the air. And this summer, The X-Files takes to the big screen with its first feature film. The movie makes an effort to stretch beyond the established base of X-Files fans. The movie will attract the uninitiated “because I think it’s a good movie,” offers Duchovny. “It’s tough for me to sell it. [But] I don’t think you need to know the characters or the history of the show, although it certainly doesn’t hurt. It’s a really big, nice-looking film, a smart, thrilling kind of a movie, that’s fun to watch.”.

The Kiss
The emotional undercurrent in the film is particularly strong between Mulder and his scientific-minded partner, Dana Scully (Gillian Anderson). The near-kiss in the movie was a culmination of five years worth of tension. Yet Duchovny feels that a relationship between Mulder and Scully shouldn’t happen. “At this point, I think no. You know, it’s changed over the years,” he says of his attitude towards the partners’ relationship. “But I think Chris has made the right decision and I think it’s a really fun chastity at this point.”

Melissa J Perenson

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