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Two of the regular characters of Crusade will be featured in fourth Babylon 5 tv movie A Call to Arms, which sets up some of the events to be progressed in the series. Peter Woodward plays mysterious Technomage Galen who helps Captain Sheridan at the risk of exposing his people while Carrie Dobro is an alien thief called Dureena, who is homeless after the destruction of her world during the Shadow War. The ship Excalibur will be the abode of the regulars with exception of Galen who will float in and out of the series at his own whim. The four other permanent characters will be the Captain Gideon, a First Officer (could be either sex), unpredictable archaeologist Dr Eilerson (male) and medical officer Dr Hoffman (female).
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Season SiX – Beyond The End
The sixth season of The X-Files will commence on the Fox Network on Sunday, 1st November following the Baseball World Series. Frank Spotnitz says the events as seen in the movie will be expanded upon during the season, “There’s going to be a total integration of the movie and where we left off in the tv series in the fall.” Among the cast expected to return are William B Davis, Nicholas Lea, Laurie Holden, Chris Owens, Mimi Rogers and Darren McGavin while the film’s director Rob Bowman should be back behind the camera for at least two episodes.

Buffy and Mulgrew Among the Awards
The 24th Annual Saturn Awards were held on 10th June at the Park Hyatt Hotel, Century City, California. Among the winners were: Best Genre Network Series: Buffy the Vampire Slayer (WB); Best Genre Cable/Syndicated Series: The Outer Limits (Showtime); Best Genre TV Presentation: Stephen King’s The Shining (ABC), Best Genre TV Actor: Steven Weber (Stephen King’s The Shining); Best Genre TV Actress: Kate Mulgrew (Star Trek: Voyager); George Pal Memorial Award: Dean Devlin. Tim Russ accepted the award on behalf of Kate Mulgrew.

The 19th Banff Rockie Awards presented on 8th June included a win in the Animations Program category for the BBC’s Flatworld.

Coming Soon
A Monty Python’s Flying Circus theme evening is being planned for Autumn 1999 in celebration of the 30th anniversary of the first series. A host of previously unseen sketches may be shown which a BBC source indicates were too risqué at the time although producer John Howard Davies says, “I can’t remember any sketches being too risqué although several might have been too bad for transmission.”

Granada TV is in talks with George Romero to adapt his 1968 zombie movie Night of the Living Dead into a series. Although remade in 1990, the original black and white version was one of the most profitable films of all time.

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