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StarGate SG-1
Producer Jonathan Glassner on how StarGate made the jump from blockbuster movie to tv with the new hit series.

Invasion: Earth
It's brand new, big-budget and British! Actor Vincent Regan, who plays Flight Lieutenant Chris Drake, talks about intercepting UFOs in this BBC/Sci-Fi Channel production.

Due South
Our favourite Mountie is back for a new series, but what's happened to his street-smart partner? Actor David Marciano explains why we've not seen the last of Ray Vecchio.

Earth: Final Conflict
Actor Von Flores discusses life as the stern Agent Sandoval, a human 'Implant' who is totally under the control of the enigmatic Taelon race.

Will Highlander live forever on tv? The original series may have ended but actress Elizabeth Gracen is set to star in a new spin-off series. Find out more in this exclusive feature.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Get your teeth into our Episode Guide to Season One.

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