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Terry Farrell has failed to reach agreement with Paramount over the commissioned final seventh season of DSN, so will not appear. She went public with the news at a New York convention over the penultimate weekend of February, stating she had been given an unacceptable take-it-or-leave-it offer and confirmed it on a radio show on 23rd February. This leaves a question mark over Michael Dorn's future with the show as his initial contract is believed to have been for three seasons, although so far he has not indicated he wishes to depart. Perhaps there will be a new symbiont for Dax...
Babylon 5: Season Six - The Definitive Statement
Almost believable rumours arose during February that US cable channel TNT was only prepared to commission Babylon 5 spin-off series The Babylon Project: Crusade if creator J Michael Straczynski (jms) would make a sixth season of B5. The idea apparently would have been that both series would be made concurrently with Crusade produced in San Diego. jms was said to be working on a scenario where events referred to in Season Five would be expanded upon in Six, for example if Lochley was off station during Season Five, a Season Six story would pick up on this. Before going into print with such a rumour, TV Zone asked Straczynski and he replied, '...it ain't true... It's so far from truth I don't even know where or how to address it. There are absolutely no discussions with TNT about a sixth season. Zip, none, nada, whether in San Diego or elsewhere. They want Crusade, yeah, and that'll happen, but there's no talk at all of a 'do a sixth B5 season to get it.' It's simply never, ever happened, nor do I think it's likely to happen.' So that's told us!

Start Preying
Prey is an ABC midseason series originally shot as a pilot under the title Hungry for Survival. This starred Sherilyn Fenn as Sloan Parker and Michael Stuhlbarg as Ed Tate, but when the series was commissioned both actors were replaced. Set in 2012 it tells the story of the emergence of a new breed of man intent on destroying Homo Sapiens. Bio-anthropologist Sloan Parker is leading the struggle to find out the truth about the new species in a race against time to determine the survival of the fittest. So far there is no known UK broadcaster but as the replacement series for Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman maybe both the BBC and BSkyB will be interested.

Columnist Requires Trekeotomy
Voyager producer Brannon Braga has gone on record to negate a report which appeared in The New York Post on 24th February in which gossip columnist Cindy Adams related that the concluding episode of the current Voyager season would be an ultimate stand-alone story called Insight: The Final Voyage and would be based on two Next Generation stories at the end of which the Voyager crew would meet Whoopi Goldberg and Patrick Stewart at a Broadway Theatre where the Picard actor would be performing a one-man show. Braga says, "The woman's off her rocker. I have no idea what she's talking about. I don't even know what a 'stand-alone' episode is. We have no plans to end the series. I am writing a finale for this season right now, which will involve a message from Earth, but that's it."

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