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Feature: Pirates of the Caribbean 2

The Turner Prize

Orlando Bloom as Will Turner

Orlando Bloom returns for two more forays on the high seas

Heís one of the hottest actors on the planet, having bagged two blockbuster film trilogies in The Lord of the Rings and Pirates of the Caribbean. With Will Turner returning in Dead Manís Chest in the summer, Orlando Bloomís star remains in the ascendant Ė although, as he reveals here, maybe itís time to give up the swords and archeryÖ

Whatís it been like shooting the Pirates of the Caribbean sequels?
Weíre shooting now, two back-to-back. Iím so happy to be on these movies. Thatís the best part of entertainment, itís a family entertainment, itís witty, itís intelligent, itís smart.

Youíve done a lot of epic and action films. Do you have any desire to try something different instead?
I did Elizabethtown which was a romantic, sort of quirky, offbeat, romantic comedy, and Cameron Crowe is a phenomenal director. And I did The Calcium Kid, so I have done other contemporary pieces. I feel like Iím in the first chapter of my life and my career as an actor, and I think there will be a new chapter for me which maybe wonít involve so many swords. Iím not looking to do any more sword movies. I am working on Pirates however, and that will be epic.

How do you react to being labelled a major sex symbol? Does the massive worldwide exposure make you uncomfortable?
I donít really let that be a part of my consciousness. I donít make decisions based on anything other than my instinct, and wanting to do good work, and wanting to entertain people as an actor, and wanting to enjoy my life and be happy and feel fulfilled creatively.
I said to a friend of mine, ĎThis is a little bit weird with all the hysterical fan thing happeningí. And he said to me, ĎDude, just chill and enjoyí. There will always be The Beatles, there will always be a new boy band and a new young actor, because there will always be young girls, young guys, who want to pin their hopes and dreams on somebody.
So itís a small window, enjoy it while itís there. Donít take it seriously and move on.

Youíve certainly been blessed so far Ė straight out of drama school into a thriving film career.
I feel very, very, fortunate to be doing what Iím doing, and ultimately I try not to let the praise or criticism of a lot of other people sway the decisions that I make each day. Iím not big on the Internet, I donít read any of those magazines that pop up, and I just try to keep it very low key. I really just keep doing what Iím doing, keep it about the work, and make it about other people as well, so itís not all about you.

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February 2006
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