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Feature: Star Trek: Nemesis

Thy kingdom’s terror, and black nemesis…

The Enterprise crew's adventures continue…

The writer was responsible for Gladiator, and thinks The Wrath of Khan is the bee’s knees. But what’s this about Data singing? It’s Star Trek X.
It’s Nemesis

All the old gang are back on duty, along with a few Trek stars who’ve been away from the screen for a while. However, that almost wasn’t the case. Instead of treating Patrick Stewart’s involvement as an essential, Paramount indulged in negotiating tactics that brought him close to walking away. “I was a breath away from saying this is not worth the time. An absolute breath away. They were negotiating so uncompromisingly that it had reached the point where humiliation was the only way of settling this and I wasn’t prepared to do that.”

Fortunately, common sense prevailed. But will this be Picard’s final curtain? At 62, Patrick Stewart is now as old as the ‘geriatric’ William Shatner was when he left the stage in Generations – Picard himself is supposedly well into his seventies by now – but seems in two minds about whether this will be Picard’s swansong. “If this is the end of The Next Generation,” he’s said, “it’s actually a beautiful and appropriate ending. There is complete closure on The Next Generation in this movie.” But when asked if this is the final film, he’s also commented, “I honestly don’t know. And I also don’t know if it should be. Ultimately these things come down to one issue, and that’s profits. I have a notion that there is a sequel begging to be made of this particular movie though.”

Having had a producer’s credit on the last two films, Stewart is contenting himself with merely starring in Nemesis, but one cast member who is contributing behind the scenes is Brent Spiner. He’s inherited Stewart’s associate producer credit and helped develop the plot. Spiner’s contribution is believed to be a sub-plot about a second Soong-type android, who in contrast to Data’s other ‘brother’, the malevolent Lore, is an innocent, Pooter-ish creation. It’s this aspect of the film which is causing some fans the most concern, as many feel that Spiner’s bluntly admitted insistence on having a meaty sub-plot to himself has unbalanced previous movies, and robbed Worf, Beverly, Deanna and Geordi of their turn in the spotlight.

Jonathan Frakes has vacated the director’s chair to concentrate on playing Riker, though this wasn’t his choice. “I was never offered it. I was surprised.” As for that ‘final movie’ question, Frakes seems to think it’s the end. “I can’t think of anything I still want to do as Riker,” he’s said. “I get a leg over with Marina [Sirtis] and something big happens at the end of the film. So if it’s really all over I’ve had a full meal, and if it’s not, I’ll be happy to show up and do what they ask me.” But, like Stewart, he’s contradicted himself elsewhere, saying, “I think if this one does well, I can’t imagine why they would stop making them,”

by Anthony Brown

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Starburst Special #54

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