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Starburst Special Issue 50
out Nov 22 • UK £4.99 / US $9.99

The Starburst Yearbook for 2001-2002 is our 50th lavish Starburst Special, and to celebrate this landmark, we've given both the design
and format an overhaul.

We present a fun and informative critical analysis of all the major Sci-Fi and Fantasy films of 2001, a look at the best episodes of all your favourite TV series, and the most important novels of the year! Plus...

Claudia Black
Farscape's Claudia Black
• As Aeryn Sun, Claudia Black has spent the third series of Farscape being raised from her dead, dealing with her mother, and finding herself caught in perhaps the most unlikely love triangle in history

2001 - Ultimate Review
In this detailed overview, offering over 40 pages of critical commentary on the year gone by, we compare the promises and hype of producers and directors with what they finally delivered on screen. What were the smash hits of 2001? What were the biggest disappointments? Who were the new stars of the year and who should be written off as has-beens and also-rans? Here's a taster of the highlights

Alexis Denisof
Angel's Alexis Denisof • Watcher turned 'rogue demon hunter' turned head honcho of Angel Investigations, the once unloved Wesley is now an admired mainstay of Angel. We talk to actor Alexis Denisof about life as Wyndam-Price PI

2002 Preview
• The background, the hype, the gossip, the fact and the figures on all the most exciting films of the new year, and a cautious word of warning about those that sound less promising! Get the low-down on everything from Star Wars Episode II to The Powerpuff Girls, Spider-Man to Red Dwarf, and all those sequels: Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Blade 2, Men in Black 2, Jason X and Star Trek: Nemesis

The Mummy Returns
Rachel Weisz and friend in The Mummy returns • As this CGI-fuelled story of reincarnation, revenge and romance comes to DVD, the cast (including The Rock and Oded Fehr) share memories of the production, along with director Stephen Sommers

Ivan Reitman
The director of the Sci-Fi comedy Evolution, and past favourite Ghostbusters, talks to Starburst about spooks, sequels, scary monsters and Dan Aykroyd

  • Plus: Interviews with:
  • A.I.'s Jack Angel - voice of a robot bear
  • Planet of the Apes' Glenn Shadix (Nado)
  • Evolution creature designer Phil Tippett

Month-by-month highlights include:

  • February
    Hannibal: one of the finest sequels ever?
  • April
    Is there still life in The X-Files?
  • June
    Kubrick and Spielberg: a heavenly match?
  • August
    What were the five biggest let-downs of 2001?
  • September
    Has Enterprise saved Star Trek?


All this in 100 pages!

Pictures taken from this issue are copyright: The Henson Company / Sci-Fi, 20th Century Fox TV / UPN, UIP

All other contents © Visual Imagination 2001. Not for reproduction.