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In this Starburst Star Trek Special:

Welcome to our Star Trek Special featuring all the best news and interviews from the final frontier, including:

Enterprise's Scott BakulaEnterprise
• As Captain Jonathan Archer prepares to take command of the SS Enterprise, we look back at the history of Trek, which will lay the foundations for the new series' universe...
Plus: Questions Answered by Scott Bakula!

• Plus: Don't miss our online Exclusive - the first location pictures from Enterprise are here!

• Inadvertently redirected to the Starburst address, two cyber-chatters amused us so much with a debate on Star Trek: Voyager's successes and failures that we put it to print!

Plus Season Seven Episode Guide

Deep Space NineDeep Space Nine
• Two years since calling time at his bar, Quark and Company still sing songs about the show. We spoke with Armin Shimerman, Max Grodenchik and Aron Eisenberg about life after DS9

Plus! Even more fabulous features on:

  • Buffy The Vampire Slayer
    We hunt down Amber Benson to discuss her craft as Willow's playmate witch, Tara. • Plus Sarah Michelle Gellar reveals all in our Q&A session
  • Star Wars
    It's coming! Yes, The Phantom Menace is finally arriving on DVD. We cast a retrospective eye over Episode 1 and ask whether it really was that bad after all...
  • Planet of the Apes
    Almost thirty years after she donned the fur bikini of mute slave girl Nova, Linda Harrison returns to the monkey planet in Tim Burton's blockbusting #1 movie
  • Bond
    He's designed some of the greatest sets in movie history, including those for Dr Strangelove and James Bond's Moonraker and You Only Live Twice. His name's Adam… Ken Adam
  • Earthsearch
    We revisit one of the classics of radio Science Fiction as it makes its comeback via the contemporary medium of CD. • Includes interviews with writer James Follett and prequel producer-director Jason Haigh-Ellery
  • First Wave
    As the Nostradamus-based series reaches its conclusion, we look back at some of Mark Varisco's special effects wizardry from the show
  • Ghosts of Mars
    The red planet receives yet more coverage in John Carpenter's forthcoming horror flick. We chat to the director and star Jason Stratham about its production...
  • The Tomorrow People
    They're the people of tomorrow, but they wear the clothes of 1975! We outline the elements that you need to know about these unique individuals
  • Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy
    If you thought you knew everything, think again as the real answers are coming to you soon with the classic series' imminent release on DVD...
All this in 100 HOT pages!

Pictures taken from this issue are copyright: Paramount Television

All other contents © Visual Imagination 2001. Not for reproduction.