Issue 47

ships from 3 April

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Welcome to our latest TV Sci–Fi Special:

Farscape – the best Sci-Fi TV show?
• With the series winning our poll for the year's best SF show, we speak with both co-creator Brian Henson and head puppeteer Sean Masterson about bringing The Uncharted Territories to life. PLUS! Inside the cast's minds with quotes from their very first convention!

Ten pages on Farscape ! Excerpts here

Roswell's Max, Isabel and Michael• Now into its second year, creator Jason Katims discusses the trials and tribulations of being a teenage alien in an angst-ridden world, while considering the past and future of this SF drama…

Lady Penelope, voiced by Sylvia Anderson• The ever-popular '60s puppet series is emerging on DVD. Feeling a bit strung up about things, Sylvia Anderson lets loose as she chats about her days as the lady of all ladies: Penelope. Plus memories of UFO and Space: 1999

Black ScorpionMichelle Lintel as Darcy / Black Scorpion
No stranger to the realm of Science Fiction and Fantasy, director Roger Corman talks about the latest of his deadly ventures, branching out into TV with a crime-fighting superhero played by Michelle Lintel

• Starting shakily - and not just in the slip stream drive - this latest Gene Roddenberry creation kicks into gear towards the end of its final year. Actress Lexa Doig and executive-producer Robert Hewitt Wolfe talk about restoring peace to the galaxy...

• Angel's job is never done as he continues to battle against the evils of LA. Actor Mark Rolston tells us about his guest starring role as Boone, an honourable demon introduced in the second season

First Wave
• Continuing to follow the cautions of Nostradamus, leads Sebastian Spence and Traci Lords predict what lies ahead for this top SF show…

Stargate SG-1
• Heading into its fifth season, executive-producer Michael Greenberg talks about the series' TV future, as well as its next port of call on the big screen…

The Lone Gunmen
• The cast and crew of The X-Files spin-off make a collaborative effort to confirm and deny any secrets and lies about Chris Carter's latest endeavour

PLUS all these features:

  • TV Report
    From Andromeda to The X-Files, we offer a mid-season assessment of 15 members of the class of 2001 in SF TV - plus the full results of the Starburst Poll 2000, with your verdicts on the best and worst films and tv around...
  • Earth: Final Conflict
    Running the resistance against the Taelons for three years, David Hemblen talks about showing Doors the door for the last time…
  • The Avengers
    Forty years, we take a look back at one of the most well-loved cult series, as Steed and Mrs Peel continue to be remembered in the 21st Century…
  • Tristram Cary
    Providing the music for many a timely Doctor Who adventure, composer Tristram Cary tells us about hitting the right notes with his scores...
  • SF Music
    Before Dido, there was… William Shatner! Things have certainly come a long way, as we glance back at some of the many chart-topping SF music hits
All this in 100 pages!

Pictures taken from this issue are copyright: The Henson Company, Sci-Fi channel, Carlton video, 20th-Century Fox TV / The WB

All other contents © Visual Imagination 2001. Not for reproduction.