Starburst Special Issue 46

ships from 23 Nov 2000


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Welcome to our latest Yearbook:

Presenting the best of 2000 - and 2001!

2001: an SF Odyssey
• Our preview of things to come as we head into 2001, including Jurassic Park 3, Tomb Raider and Tim Burton's Planet Of The Apes...

Galaxy Quest
Galaxy Quest's Thermians • Boldly spoofing a certain franchise, director Dean Parisot talks exclusively about going in at the deep end, while Enrico Colantoni recalls his portrayal of Malthazar, leader of the fan-based Thermians

SF Babes
Jennifer Sky - Cleopatra 2525 • Following hot on the heels of our Star Trek Babes Special, intrepid reporter Ian Atkins looks at the bigger picture, observing how the female of the species has made Science Fiction a pleasure to watch...

Farscape's Claudia Black It's taking off like a storm... The story so far of this exceptional series in a complete season checklist. Plus, Naren Shankar on graduating from Trek to writing the screw-ball escapades of Crichton and co., via The Outer Limits

First Wave
• Producer and creator Chris Brancato lays down his cards and prophesizes the future of this hit series

The Sixth Day
• Cloning, genetic engineering, and two Arnold Schwarzeneggers. Director Roger Spottiswoode talks about his first film since his foray into the world of Bond (with Tomorrow Never Dies)

• Continuing the Roddenberry legacy, we delve into this all-new show's characters and episodes to see if it's as hard as nails, or as wet as wallpaper...

PLUS all these features:

  • Top Films of 2000
    Editor Andrew Cartmel's personal choice
  • Dr Seuss
    A look back at the onscreen history of this renowned writer as The Grinch hits the big screen...
  • Danger: Diabolik
    Star John Phillip Law reveals the truth about the screen version of the cult Italian comic strip to Alan Jones
  • Lexx
    Stranger than a bowl of warm Weetabix, we pay tribute to the unusual universe of Lexx with our three-season checklist
  • TV Highlights
    From Angel to The X-Files, Paul Spragg reviews what was hot and what was not in the world of small screen Sci-Fi...
  • Plus the voting form for Starburst's Film and TV Poll for 2000, and the year's issues indexed
All this in 116 pages!

Pictures taken from this issue are copyright: The Henson Company, Dreamworks SKG, Studios USA, Paramount, Warner Bros, New Line

All other contents © Visual Imagination 2000. Not for reproduction.