Starburst Special issue #45

ships from 5 Sept 2000


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Welcome to our latest Star Trek Special:

Over 50 pages of Trek coverage!

The Babes of Trek
• From Janice Rand to Seven of Nine, we survey 20 women who went where no man had gone before, and check out the hot stuff from our favourite TV franchise!

Diseased Voyager?Boldly Going
• After Voyager's final journey in spring 2001. we face having no new Star Trek on TV until a fifth series is produced. With 10 defence and 10 prosecution exhibits, we ask: should the franchise take a rest?

The NCC-1701A takes the voyage homeStar Trek Movies
• In a 12-page overview, we examine the ups and downs of the franchise in more than 20 years of Star Trek motion picture history as Star Trek X begins pre-production

Is Vic there?D S 9's Vic Fontaine
Actor James Darren reveals why he almost turned down the role of the holographic night club singer, and why he then wished he'd joined the show years before

Gadgets of Trek
• How many times have you looked at a high-tech gadget and thought, 'Hmmm, very Star Trek'? Well, it may not be a coincidence and, as we discover, it's only the beginning

Voyager Season Six
• We cover all the missions of the sixth season in our annual episode guide, from Equinox II to Unimatrix Zero

Star Tracks
• A potted history of the franchise's soundtracks: are they really music to the ear, pointy or otherwise?

PLUS all these features:

  • Gene Roddenberry's Earth: Final Conflict
    Head writer/producer George Geiger previews Season Four
  • The Science Fiction of James Bond
    Back in 1965 Bond was considered to be the ‘biggest mass-cult hero of the decade’. We take a look at the vintage 007 in our 12-page survey of a shaken-and-stirred SF/spy cocktail
  • Shadow of the Vampire
    FW Murnau's 1922 epic tale of Nosferatu continues to influence Horror film today. Now this bloodsucking film about the director introduces Murnau to a new generation
  • Doctor Who Daleks on Audio
    The evil pepperpots are back - freed from Davros and more evil than ever on audio in their latest Big Finish epic, The Apocalypse Element
  • The X-Files Chris Carter
    The creator unveils the truth about the new season as well as Scully's future without Mulder
  • The St Francisville Experiment Could this be the next Blair Witch? Star Ryan Larson reveals what it's like to improvise a scary movie
All this in 116 HOT pages!

Pictures taken from this issue are copyright: Fox, UIP, Columbia Tristar, Grant Kempster, Visual Imagination

All other contents © Visual Imagination 2000. Not for reproduction.