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ISSUE 42 ships from 30 Nov 99M UK £3.99 / US $7.99

In the latest Starburst Yearbook:

The best of 1999, and the future of fantasy movies!

Let's all see films in the year 2000 2000 Movie Preview
• Previews of the must-see (and the potentially musty) upcoming genre releases, including The X-Men, The House on Haunted Hill, Minority Report , Scream 3 and Pitch Black

Johnny was often nervous about meeting the pressSleepy Hollow
• Johnny Depp, star of Tim Burton's new gothic Fantasy about the legend of the Headless Horseman, on playing Ichabod Crane and reteaming with Burton (six-page feature)

Free face-painting for Sith Lords today! Films of 1999
Jason Caro looks back on all the important genre movies of 1999, including Star Wars: The Phantom Menace, The Matrix and The Blair Witch Project

UK and US TV of 1999
Our slave to the small-screen, Paul Spragg, looks for gems amongst the output of UK and US TV, from Crusade and Highlander to Red Dwarf and The X-Files

James Bond
• As Britain’s greatest secret agent returns for his 19th assignment The World is Not Enough, director Michael Apted and producer Michael J Wilson discuss keeping the franchise fresh

• Garrett Wang speaks about the last five years of his Star Trek alter ego, Harry Kim

Deep Space Nine
• We chart the departed Trek series' final chapter with a full episode guide to Season Seven

Star Wars: Episode One
• We reveal what the critics thought of the film many had waited 16 years to see

PLUS all these features:

  • The Matrix plus Hercules & Xena
    Star Bytes: what Keanu Reeves and co-stars, plus Lucy Lawless and Kevin Sorbo, said at convention appearances in 1999
  • Buffy The Vampire Slayer
    James Marsters on his renewed role as Spike
  • Mission to Mars
    Jerry O’Connell, former Sliders star, on joining Brian De Palma’s crew
  • House on Haunted Hill
    Director William Malone on his hit chiller remake
  • animation director Brad Bird talks about bringing The Iron Giant to the screen
  • Vin Diesel on surviving nightfall as a planet's perpetual light turns to Pitch Black
  • Project Overkill: Six Million Dollar Man producer Glen A Larson on the background to his new Cyborg hero
  • Secrets of jaw-dropping CGI from Bug Wars the new animated spin-off from Starship Troopers
All this in 100 pages!

Pictures taken from this issue are copyright: LucasFilm, Paramount / Mandalay, Intrepid Pictures, Visual Imagination

All other contents © Visual Imagination 1999. Not for reproduction.