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ISSUE 41 ships from 28 Sept 99M UK £3.99 / US $7.99

In the latest Star Trek Special:
It's a time of change for Starfleet…

What Next for Star Trek? Starburst examines the various rumours concerning the next Trek spin-off, with contributions from:
  • Jonathan Frakes
    – the writer/director on his hopes for Star Trek 10
  • Rick Berman
    – the franchise's executive producer, who is currently planning the next Trek series.
  • Janeway and Picard: the current captainsPatrick Stewart
    – on why he wants a longer break before returning to the Enterprise
PLUS: Voyager and more
  • Kate Mulgrew – Her rumoured departure was greatly exaggerated. She tells Starburst about her enthusiasm for Captain Janeway and her mission
  • Robert Beltran– The Captain's right hand man, Chakotay, speaks on the set during Season Six!
  • Voyager – Season Five episode guide. All the year's stories in one handy feature!
  • Andrew Robinson – The show is over, but Deep Space Nine's Garak still has much to say…
  • over 30 photo-packed Star Trek pages
PLUS: A sci-fi spectacular!

Deep Blue Sea: It's a bit bigger than a rock lobsterDeep Blue Sea
We go on-set to meet several key people behind this monster hit, including director Renny Harlin, writers Wayne and Donna Powers and star Saffron Burrows!

Design sketch for SG-1. Illustration by Brentan Harron  Showtime• The Art of Stargate SG-1
Designer Richard Hudolin gives us the inside story, illustrated with pages of lavish concept designs. An unmissable treat for any Stargate fan!

The Blair Witch Project
The full story behind how a small independent movie became the surprise hit of the summer

And we still have six more interviews to go!

Doctor Who
As the Time Lord finds a new lease of life on audio, we meet producers Gary Russell and Jason Haigh-Ellery

Claudia Black as Farscape's Aeryn Sun - suits you!Farscape
Claudia Black - alias the beautiful Aeryn Sun - on the marvellous SF series with the most dysfunctional Space crew since Blake's 7- and her role in the eagerly awaited Pitch Black!

The Outer Limits
Designer Steve Geaghan on making the weird and wonderful worlds of the Outer Limits

Poltergeist: The Legacy
Star Helen Shaver reveals a few surprises - including her own psychic gifts!

Dean Koontz
The acclaimed author on his distinctive novels

Seven Days
Norman Lloyd, the alter ego of super scientist Isaac Mentnor, shares some secrets of the Backstep
All this in 100 pages!

Pictures taken from this issue are copyright: Paramount, Showtime, Warner Bros, Sci-Fi

All other contents © Visual Imagination 1999. Not for reproduction.