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In the latest Summer Special:

Star Wars
Six new interviews covering Episode One - The Phantom Menace and classic Star Wars characters!
  • Mace Windu with Yoda, it isSamuel L Jackson – the talented actor speaks about his dream come true – playing the Jedi Knight Mace Windu in Episode One
  • Rick McCallum – Producer and George Lucas' right hand on the new Trilogy. He gives the full story on the making of The Phantom Menace and hints at what lies in store for the future
  • Natalie Portman in not-so-regal modeNatalie Portman – the young actress talks about life as the ruler of planet Naboo, Queen Amidala
  • Dave Prowse – the Star Wars veteran speaks about his role as the ultimate villain in movie history (Darth somebody, we think) and the early days of Star Wars !
  • Peter Mayhew – the man behind the hugely popular (and furry) Chewbacca on life after the success of the original Star Wars
  • Jeremy Bullock – aka Boba Fett, tells Starburst about his current work and his hopes of returning to the role as the villain in Episodes II and III
  • all this and our first review of The Phantom Menace in 26 photo-packed Star Wars pages
PLUS: Summer Blockbuster Preview
10 pages whetting your appetite for the summer of 99's upcoming genre movies. That's just an aperitif for...

Wild Wild West – behind the scenes with Barry Sonnenfeld, as the director discusses his 19th-Century Sci-Fi Western, with Will Smith and Kevin Kline as the wacky leads

The Matrix – this Sci-Fi movie has it all: first class special effects, gripping plot, superb acting. We talk to its brilliant production designer, Owen Patterson

And we still have seven more interviews to go!

Patricia TallmanBabylon 5 – Patricia Tallman on her mixed feelings about the way Lyta was written out of the series "After all she had been through, Lyta was no longer normal or nice."

• Iain M. Banks – the Scottish writer speaks exclusively about his novels, technology and future society

Star Trek: Voyager's Roxann Dawson on the evolution of B'Elanna Torres: "she goes for extreme physical pain to compensate for the fact she doesn't want to feel"

Deep Space Nine's Rene Auberjonois (Odo) on his plans for the future, and what he leaves behind

• Brian Clemens – the creator of The Avengers, Bugs and The Professionals on the state of British television

Crusade's Daniel Dae Kim (Lt Matheson) on a telepath's life after the Psi Corps

Mighty Joe Young's make-up maestro Rick Baker on creating lifelike primates for the fifth time in a movie

And finally... the Starburst 1998 Poll Results!

All this in 100 pages!