Focus on La Forge

By James E Brooks
Geordi in action in Insurrection
Geordi may have ditched the VISOR, but he still has a unique view of the Universe in Insurrection. LeVar Burton explains all
LeVar Burton has both ridden the crest of Star Trek: The Next Generation’s popularity and avoided its curse. Though known to millions as Chief Engineer Geordi La Forge, the actor has continued to immerse himself in other projects, acting in Dummy and Billy: Portrait of a Street Kid. Not only that, but he has also filled the role of director on The Tiger Woods Story, as well as several episodes of Next Generation, Deep Space Nine, and Voyager.

Stephen Hopkins directing Lost in SpaceWith Star Trek: Insurrection soon to be released, the multi-talented Burton returns to the engineering section of the USS Enterprise. Although secrecy is the watchword when is comes to talking about Insurrection’s plot, Burton has definite opinions regarding the film’s impact. “These movies don’t seem to be just about one thing,” he says. “My favourite Star Trek movie is Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home. The message of that particular movie was indeed a multi-layered one. I think a lot of people were able to walk away from it having received a lot of different benefits from the experience.

"And I think that Insurrection very much fits into that mould. Because in talking to people involved in making this film, it seems that there are – depending on your view – a few different messages and meanings to be derived. Personally, I think this movie is about the potential that exists for all of us in finding eternity in a single moment and how essential that quest is to the journey of human beings.”

Burton sees other comparisons with what was arguably the most popular film with the original cast. “Star Trek IV was a movie where we really had an opportunity to spend time with our heroes. I remember how much fun that was, seeing them loose and relaxed and being themselves down in San Francisco. I remember how much I enjoyed that, just spending time with these people that I had come to know and love. And I think that Insurrection offers that for the audience, as well.”

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