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Babylon 5
Cast and crew give the low-down on the award-winning Sci-Fi series, including interviews with creator J Michael Straczynski and actress Tracy Scoggins (Commander Lochley); on set for the second B5 television movie Thirdspace; a Season Five update; and the strange story of how G'Kar almost had a sex change…

Lifting the veil of secrecy on the year's most monstrously-awaited movie.

New Science Fiction films
Will James Cameron really re-make Planet of the Apes? Fox executive Jorge Saralegui on the studio's Sci-Fi plans.

Earth: Final Conflict
Actress Leni Parker on how she is transformed into the androgynous alien Da'an.

Prolific producer Glen Larson on his latest series and his long, distinguished career.

Douglas Trumbull
The visual effects expert has already left an indelible mark on Sci-Fi movie history with 2001, Close Encounters and Blade Runner, but now he's shaping the future of film itself…

Plus • 1997 Readers' Poll Results • Independence Day composer David Arnold • much more Babylon 5

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