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Issue 251
Game Previews
Issue 250
  • Machines - One of the best games this year, you need a 3D gfx card to play it as it's visually stunning as well as absorbing to play. Check out the screen shots on the Acclaim web site.
  • Silver - Middle Ages adventure when magic were real and villans really knew how to be evil. Infogrames have combined pre-rendered backdrops with realtime 3D characters.
Issue 249
Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Games: South Park
  • South Park - Amusing and frantic 3D action game with excellent cartoon style graphics and lots of speech. Available on N64 and PC. If you love the series and enjoy games like Quake, Doom, Half Life etc, then buy this game now!
Issue 248
Red Dwarf: Mighty Joe Young:
Issue 247
  • Rogue Squadron 3D - Knockout game for all Star Wars fans who have a powerful 3D accelerator card installed. Stuning graphics, clever collision detection, and entertaining gameplay.
  • Heretic II - Imagine Quake with magic instead of guns and fantasy creatures instead of mutated monsters. An athletic leading character in a graphically rich setting makes this a visual treat for on-lookers as you play well in to the night.
Issue 246
  • Half-Life - Graphically stunning 3D game with excellent character animation and a great sci-fi storyline. Lots of shooting to do, but also some thinking and interacting with other characters. Possibly the best game of 1998.
  • Sin - Based on the awesome Quake II engine with numerous enhancements and a totally different scenario, but the same good old fashioned Shoot! Shoot! Shoot! methodology!
  • Asteroids - Classic 1979 arcade game brought up to date with 3D graphics and power-ups. Just as addictive as the original
Issue 245
Lara Croft:
Paramount will be releasing a movie based on the Tomb Raider computer games some time in the summer of 1990 staring the curvatious Lara Croft. For more information, or for more photos like the one that appeared in the magazine (hubba-hubba!), check out these links:
Issue 244
Star Trek:
  • Insurrection - Official Web site for the new movie. Check out the video trailer. Not too convincing... hopefully the actualy movie will have more impact.
  • Nightlong - Adventure game with good atmospheric graphics, but the pace may be a little too slow for some people, but then again the game was probably created with those people in mind!
Issue 243
  • X-Files: The Game - Spooky investigation using specially filmed material with original cast members, first person perpective.
  • Klingon Honour Guard - Addictive 3D arcade action game using the highly acclaimed Unreal engine.
Issue 242
  • Apollo 18 - Accurate simulation of the NASA moon missions.
  • SpellCross - Role playing army vs demons game
Issue 241
  • Viper - All action 3D shoot 'em up for the Playstation.
  • Heart of Darkness - Stunning platform adventure for PC and Playstation. Highly imaginative and playable.
  • Godzilla - the official Web site for the 1998 film.
Issue 240
Issue 239
Stargate SG1:
Issue 238
  • I-War - The best space-sim reviewed to date! Good Wing Commander clone. (PC).
Star Trek:
  • Jeri Ryan - Text and video interview of Voyager's Borg babe using RealVideo.
  • ST:IX - Latest news and gossip on the upcoming film.
Issue 237
Issue 236
Games: Lost in Space:
Issue 234
Final Conflict (intruiging) and Xena (babe)
Issue 230
Star Trek
Issue 224
Star Trek

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