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Feature: Spider-Man 3

Tobey Maguire

Hollywood’s favourite Sci-Fi hero actor Tobey Maguire gives Starburst the lowdown, and gives a hint as to whether he’s worn tights for the last time…

Tobey Maguire’s Spider-Man has already seen off bizarre and badass baddies such as the Green Goblin and Doctor Octopus and become a fave action hero for millions of movie-goers and the devotes of the original Marvel Comics series of adventures. Now the guy who uses his special powers, that he got from a spider bite, to allow him to swing from one skyscraper to another, faces two villains for the price of one when he battles with the Sandman and Venom in Spider-Man 3.

Put as simply as that it sounds just like another day at the office for the 31-year-old actor but when Starburst sits down to analyse the making of this latest epic comic book adventure, it becomes abundantly clear that familiarity with the subject doesn’t necessarily mean that creating these Spider-Man movies get any easier for Maguire and the rest of the film team.

“Each movie was different,” says a relaxed Maguire, who goes on to confirm that the Spidey squad – that this time round includes Kirsten Dunst, Bryce Dallas Howard, Thomas Haden Church, James Franco and Topher Grace – are put under serious pressure from the second that each part of this very lucrative film franchise has been green lit.

“After we released the second movie – I can’t remember if it was a week or two weeks after or even right before – the studio said ‘OK, so our third movie is coming out in May 2007, and they hadn’t even started to write a script. So that put a ticking clock on us right away. So, when we went into shooting, we probably could have used another several months before we started.”

This meant that a crucial part of the already tight schedule in making Spider-Man 3 was having time built in so that they could afford to return to scenes and make sure that they had got them just right.

“So really it truly wasn’t re-shoots, they built it into the budget and their schedule, that we would be able to go back one or two times for a week or two to basically finish our movie,” says Maguire.

“Although the story was there and the script was written, it didn’t have the polishes that you would normally have before you start shooting a movie, because they put that ticking clock on us.

“So for me anyway, the whole process is one I really enjoy because it becomes a more collaborative experience where we as the actors get to be part of the building of the story and the characters’ storylines.”

by John Millar

Read the full interview in
Starburst #349

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Starburst #349
May 2007
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