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Feature: Battlestar Galactica 2004

Sixy Lady

Tricia Helfer

The series' sexy Cylon played by Tricia Helfer finds it pretty hard to keep herself covered up. She reveals even more to us…

As the weekly series of the ‘re-imagined’ Battlestar Galactica prepares to launch on Sky One mid-October, we catches up with Tricia Helfer, the Human counterpart of Cylon femme fatale Number Six, to uncover her latest evil deeds.

For the former model, appearing in magazines to promote perfumes and clothes ranges was all part of her job. But forget Armani and Chanel, this season Tricia Helfer is the face of… Cylon. The gorgeous actress is preparing for her hiatus, having nearly wrapped Battlestar Galactica’s première season. “We’re working on the last two episodes at the same time and we’ve only got about a week-and-a-half left of shooting,” she beams. “I started five months ago, thinking it was going to be a long time, and now the end is staring me in the face.”

The mini-series explained that the Cylons have created 12 different Human clones, of which Number Six is... well, Number Six. That story concluded with a troop of the clones marching on the screen, of which three were played by Tricia. The Sixes are back again for the series. “All the Number Sixes are the same model clone, but their environment and job shapes their outlook a little bit,” Tricia shares. “My goal was to make the Number Sixes noticeably different. In addition to Baltar’s ‘imaginary’ Number Six, there’s one I call Caprica. She’s more of a base model – not so seductive, but stronger and more military-like. There’s also a Number Six called Shelley, and she’s a little more intellectual; I enjoyed interacting Shelley with Eddie [James Olmos – Adama]. Michael Rymer [director of the mini-series and Episodes 1, 12 and 13] has watched all the episodes and he commended me on the subtle differences between the Sixes – I was glad he’d picked them up.”

The three-hour mini-series was shot over a three-month period, and yet only five months were allowed for the entire 13-episode run. “Pace is definitely a factor, and you have to speed things up a bit when you’re trying to pump out an episode every week-and-a-half,” she laughs. “I’ve been in every episode this year and the workload changes depending on the storyline. We’ve got a large ensemble cast, so there are some episodes that are lot lighter for me. I guess the biggest difference between the mini-series and weekly show is having a different director every week. Michael Rymer did the mini-series and then the first episode and that made him one of the father figures of the show. We lost him for a while, but we’ve got him back again for finale Episodes 12 and 13. In the meantime we had new directors coming into a machine that was already up and running, and I guess that was difficult for them as well.”

by Nick Joy

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Starburst #316
October 2004
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