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Feature: Angel

Five By Five

Angel (David Boreanaz)

As the series prepares for its Season Five première with some new cast members and the keys to Wolfram & Hart, we hear from David Boreanaz about what’s in store for Team Angel...

Scottish inventor extraordinaire, Alexander Graham Bell once said, ‘When one door closes, another door opens’, and while in Buffy and Angel’s case these doors are more likely to be portals to fiery Hell dimensions as opposed to theoretic metaphors, the same analogy can undoubtedly be used. While Buffy has seen its final days on television, its blood relative, Angel, is about to begin not only its fifth year on The WB, but a rebirth of sorts that will absorb traces of its paternal predecessor and breathe new life into the show.

In the final few episodes of Joss Whedon’s über-successful series Buffy The Vampire Slayer, the Sunnydale champion once again found herself teamed with her former beau leading to a final climactic battle that saw the demon-saturated Californian town sucked into the Hellmouth, blocking it for all time. The reunion was brief but it was enough to sate the veracious appetites of fans of their ongoing ‘true love’ romance while helping to bring a sense of closure to the show.

For Buffy and Angel actor David Boreanaz, however, the return to Buffy’s lot was a somewhat strange experience.

“It was a bit weird,” Boreanaz confides, fresh from his Hollywood hiatus of playing the lead bad guy in the latest Crow movie. “We shoot at Paramount and the stages and the ceilings are so high, and then we got back to the lot and the ceilings are pretty low, that was trippy.”

In fact, while Angel’s return to Sunnydale not only gave fans the chance to see their favourite Slayer and vampire with a soul embrace in a passionate kiss, it also allowed Boreanaz to work with his old pal Sarah Michelle Gellar again for the first time since Buffy’s Season Five episode Forever.

“You know, it was interesting,” David recalls of the reunion. “Once we got in to it we more or less just got back into it, Sarah and I. We enjoyed it and we left off where we started.”

But while the coming together of both of Whedon’s main talents may have brought closure to Buffy, Boreanaz is adamant that Angel’s and Miss Summers’s story is far from over.

“I don’t think there will ever be a closure between these two characters,” he says with a smile. “Mythologicaly speaking, I think that they are two types of characters that live on in the universe and I think that’s what’s so beautiful and special about the two of them. I think that lore and that interest will keep the two alive, so I don’t think there’s really any kind of end to it.”

by Grant Kempster

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Starburst #303
October 2003
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