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Feature: Angel

Better the Devil you know

Angel power

Angel turned nasty in the new season, but for actor David Boreanaz, thatís what makes the character so special.

Itís not Apocalypse time just yet, but there are definitely some major events brewing on Angel as the show winds up its fourth season. Thereís a powerful three-episode arc involving Faith (Eliza Dushku), an unexpected appearance by Willow (Alyson Hannigan), the death of a major character, and a season-ending storyline featuring a brand new character played by Gina Torres (Cleopatra 2525, Firefly). And thereís also the small matter of Angelís demonic alter ego showing up for a reign of terror.

ďOh yeah, Angelus!Ē enthuses the seriesí star, David Boreanaz. ďI really enjoyed those last couple of episodes, because itís really great when heís outside mixing it with people and his personality; thatís definitely when you see him shine. When heís trapped in a cage for two episodes, all heís doing is gabbing away, which is fun, but heís really far more interested in being out and around people and messing with their heads.

ďAgain, I really enjoy playing Angelus when heís out, so I was glad when I finally got a chance to get out of that cage, because it was driving me crazy. That was such a pain in the ass: it was so long and difficult shooting those episodes because there were so many takes. I wanted to get out and roam around and take it up a couple of notches, which I was able to do in the later episodes, so that was very exciting.Ē

Boreanaz is on a one-man publicity blitz (largely organized by the actor himself), to promote the final eight episodes of the season. One of the recent highlights is the aforementioned Angelus/Faith arc, in which the now-soulless Vampire squares off against his former slayer nemesis. ďThereís a very fine line there,Ē he explains. ďI know what type of personality Iím playing at a specific moment, and thatís when Iím playing regular Angel or regular Angelus. His personality and tendencies are all over the place. Depending on which situation heís in, heís going to act differently, so heís an ever-changing personality and thatís what I like about him and thatís what I bring to him. I donít want him to be just this rambunctious loudmouth person running around. I like to give him some kind of depth, as much as you can when youíre playing an evil character.Ē

Although Boreanaz pretty much has his hands full shooting the final three episodes of the season, heíll also be making a quick trip to Sunnydale for the series finale of Buffy The Vampire Slayer. ďDuring that same period of time Iíll probably fit something in there,Ē he confirms. And how does the actor feel about returning to Buffy for its final curtain call? ďWell, good-bye to the series and moving on, of course that always comes into play, but going over to Buffy and doing an episode, of course that will be strange, because Iím not really one for reunions. I donít really dig them, but as far as the story is concerned, I think itís something the fans will really enjoy, seeing the two characters together once again.Ē

by Joe Nazzaro

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