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Feature: Buffy The Vamoire Slayer

Someone to Watch Over Me

Giles and Buffy

He may be spending more time in England, but Rupert Giles is still an active force in the Buffy universe. Anthony Stewart Head explains that while this may be the last season, heís still got Slayers to take care ofÖ

Rupert Giles has done it all. Watcher, fighter, er, lounge singer. Based in England, heís been keeping a watchful eye on events on the Hellmouth, which is why in the seventh season of Buffy The Vampire Slayer, he realizes he must retire to his old Sunnydale haunt to fight an ancient evilÖ

Rumour says that you wanted to leave Buffy after Season Four but they wouldnít let youÖ
I didnít really. Basically, I went to Joss in Season Four, and said, ĎJoss, I need to go home. I need to be with my familyí and basically asked him to write me out. They didnít want to write me out. They liked the character, and, thankfully, liked me, which is kind of a relief. [Joss] said, ĎWell I donít want to do that, but if youíre willing, Iíll bring you back as I need to. Basically, you donít have to be a series regular anymore. You can be recurring.í They said that the character would be missed.
Itís been interesting. Weíre trying to work dates out so [I can do] other things Iím committed to nowÖ so weíre running backwards and forwards trying to make sure we can do everything. But so far itís worked very well. I did two episodes in my own home, which was very nice. Iím about to do the fifth, and we have some scheduled later on. Itís not really a change of heart on my part. Itís literally being available, or making myself available, as best I can, for what Joss needs.

How many episodes do you expect to be appearing in during this season of Buffy?
I was in the first two episodes of the season. And then I think Iím coming back in eight or nine.

Can you give us a preview of whatís coming up for your character?
Of course not!

Does it feel like the show is winding down this season?
Itís not winding down. Itís coming to an end. Itís run its course. Joss has brought it really neatly back into a full cycle. Itís come back to the highest quality level. In terms of telling Buffyís story, in terms of saying how she has learnt to deal with her gift, and how it has affected her life and also the lives of [those] around her, itís reached the end of the story. Itís not a surprise to anybody who is working on the show that it feels absolutely right that it should finish now.

Could Buffy do without Buffy?
Not as it stands, no. Having said that, there is a script available for an animated series. And they are fantastic. Iíve read scripts and they are just spectacular. At the moment, I donít know whatís happened with that. At one point we were up to speed, and they were going to get me in to do some voicing. And then the plug got pulled.

by Danny Buensuceso

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