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Issue 285 • ships from 04 April • UK£ 3.40 / US$ 5.99

Spider-Man: Oh, what a tangled web he weaves…
• With Spider-Man about to hit the big screen, we look at the greatest (and the not so great) moments of the wallcrawler's 40-year history – in Marvel Comics and on TV... Plus! In our first preview of the film, we grab a few words with the cast and crew including Tobey McGuire, Kirsten Dunst amd Sam Raimi

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Will Smith in Men in Black 2Men in Black 2
• EXCLUSIVE! As the boys return to protect us from that scum of the Universe, we take a tour of the set for this blockbuster sequel with director Barry Sonnenfeld

'You were my Yoda, man'Star Wars
• You can't wait, can you? As we countdown the days to the release of Episode II, we take a look back in time with the first part of a guide to the entire history of the Star Wars saga

The Time-Tunnel: James Darren and Robert ColbertThe Time Tunnel
• Access substantial classified data on Operation Tic-Toc, as we reveal all the facts on Irwin Allen's classic Time Travel TV show in our popular 'By Numbers' feature

New realities...
• Acclaimed SF authors Jon Courtenay Grimwood (Effendi) and Kim Stanley Robinson (The Years of Rice and Salt) discuss the appeal of creating alternate histories

Retrospective on: Flash Gordon
• It's the movie George Lucas wanted to make, but he couldn't get the rights… We investigate the madcap production of 1980's high-camp movie extravaganza…

 Things to Come
• All the latest film and TV news, including... Updates on Star Wars, Star Trek: Nemesis and Batman: Year One. More casting information on Joss Whedon's Firefly, and hints for future episodes of Enterprise and the final X-Files

 Alan Jones, reviewer extraordinaire, takes a look at new UK cinema releases, with...

  • Queen of the Damned
  • Revelation
  • Ice Age

 TV View: Ian Spelling samples new episodes of Alias (Q&A), The X-Files (Audrey Pauley), Buffy (Normal Again) and… Greg the Bunny?!

 plus: our usual detailed look at all the new Sci-Fi and Fantasy novels in Bookshelf, film and TV releases both new and old in our DVD & Video file, and we check out the best new computer games, soundtrack and toys...

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