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Things to Come by Eddie Robson

Starburst always has the hottest Sci-Fi news from around the world. Here's a dip into this month's stories

by Eddie Robson Taken from Starburst #280

`Secret' scene in Harry Potter...

Maggie Smith and Ian Hart in The Philosopher's StoneEarly reports indicate that Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone is an incredibly faithful version of the novel, but if you're not expecting anything new, you might be pleasantly surprised. Director Chris Columbus has revealed that a scene dropped from the original novel has been reinstated for the movie.

"JK Rowling did a little piece for us that wasn't in the first book," Columbus commented recently. "It's in the first film because she originally wrote it for the first book and decided to take it out. So you'll see that when you see the film… one little sequence where we get a key into something that happened in Harry's past." Again, though, this demonstrates the reverence for the source material: if it isn't original Rowling, it doesn't go in.

While casting rumours continue to fly around regarding the next instalment, other members of the team are coming into place. Simultaneously with the news that they would be working on Ang Lee's Incredible Hulk, as rumoured, George Lucas's legendary effects company, Industrial Light & Magic, have confirmed that they would be providing the effects for The Chamber of Secrets.

Sony's Imageworks provided the effects for The Philosopher's Stone, but have not been retained. This may be because Sony's slate is too full at the present time, since they are also dealing with effects-heavy movies such as Spider-Man and Stuart Little 2. The hectic demands of the Harry Potter schedule, working on a new film every year, may mean that one company cannot commit to doing every one. On the other hand, perhaps it's because the effects are more demanding - ILM are, after all, the best in the world.

Green actor cast as Hulk

H is for Hulk? Everything's gone green for Eric BanaLast month's news report that Eric Bana, star of the hit Aussie movie Chopper, was the top choice to play Dr Bruce Banner in Ang Lee's Incredible Hulk has now been confirmed. Bana, a virtual unknown in the US, has signed on the dotted line for what could be a career-making role.

Bana came to Ang Lee's attention as a result of his substantial role in Ridley Scott's new movie, Black Hawk Down, which stars Ewan McGregor and Josh Hartnett. The Hulk production team were mightily impressed by Bana, with Marvel's movie mogul Avi Arad describing him to Variety as "a fresh face, but he's a veteran performer who has a unique combination of great strength and the most soulful eyes. That is a difficult combination to find."

Critics and fans alike are gagging to see what acclaimed director Lee will make of the long-running comic book. Lee's previous three movies - Sense and Sensibility, The Ice Storm and Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon - have little in common except for their impressive critical reception. As Lee changes tack once more, audiences will expect him to tackle another radical shift in genre and style with his usual flair and confidence.

Good Vibe
or Bad Vibe?

Men in Black 2

Men in Black

Sounds like this is as groundbreaking in effects terms as the original. A source at Dark Horizons described watching one scene being put together: "It's hard to explain, but… a miniature version of (Johnny's) head flies in on his shoulder and starts screaming something… They filmed it with this giant mannequin version of Johnny's head. Then they finished it and the ILM guys got to work on their incredibly awesome laptops. In less than two minutes, they had a rough cut of the scene with the special effect completed!"

Good Vibe

Terminator 3

The Terminator. Remember him?

Will it ever get made? Who cares? The rumours have been deeply predictable so far: apparently, the new Terminator will be female! Wow! Frankly, the rumour-mongers are all far too busy writing fake scripts for the new Bond movie.

Meanwhile, Terminator 3 keeps getting put back, and back... We were supposed to be watching it next summer, but now it seems that it won't begin shooting until then. Script problems have been blamed, which is never a good sign, and now it's said Edward Furlong might be replaced by Seth Green! God help us if Cameron sticks his oar in.

Bad Vibe

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