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Trek X ready to go...

Stewart and Spiner: producingSTAR TREK X (aka Nemesis) has been given the green light to begin production almost immediately, despite speculation that Patrick Stewart’s commitments to X-Men 2 - now expected to shoot early in 2002 - might delay production until late 2002.

Director Stuart Baird (US Marshals) is to begin shooting on November 28, though exactly what he’ll be shooting remains unclear. None of the regular cast have actually been signed to appear as we went to press, with even Patrick Stewart and Brent Spiner being officially attached to the project only as producers and writers. However the full TNG line-up is expected to return for one last outing, while Kate Mulgrew has indicated that she should be able to spare a couple of days to shoot her rumoured cameo as Admiral Janeway if asked. Other roles are stil the subject of rumour, with Sean Connery reportedly on the wish list for a brief appearance as a Romulan senator in the opening sequence (though the terrorist incident rumoured to open the film may have to be rethought in light of recent events), and Jude Law suggested as ideal casting for Shinzon, a Romulan clone of Picard.

Special effects are at least in hand, with Digital Domain signed to produce effects including the Romulan twin planet Remus and Shinzon’s flagship the Scimitar after completing work on Simon Wells’s The Time Machine (see this issue) and The Lord of the Rings. The movie is expected to open in late fall 2002.

Diesel to power Marvel’s Daredevil?

Casting Daredevil appears to be this month’s favourite online sport. A story in Hollywood Reporter suggested that Vin Diesel (Pitch Black, The Fast and The Furious) had been formally offered the role by director Mark Steven Johnson. A little further digging turned up an alternative version of the story, that Diesel put himself forward for the role after Johnson considered him for another part in the movie, that of Bullseye. Johnson and New Regency Productions are, apparently, still considering which way to go.

However, Diesel has been inundated with offers of work since The Fast and the Furious, and may not be able to fit it into his schedule. He’s signed on to star in the spy thriller XXX and the Pitch Black sequel, and since Daredevil is slated to begin shooting in November, he may not have a gap in his schedule. Whilst Diesel is a big comics fan, and seems keen to be involved, it may not be physically possible.

Furthermore, there is a question mark over whether Diesel is right for the role. He’s rather beefier than the wiry, agile Matt Murdock character, and is probably better suited to playing Bullseye. The decision is by no means sealed, with names still flying into the hat from all directions. Peter Krause (Six Feet Under) has been added to the fantasy shortlist, but Brad Pitt and Guy Pearce have both been ruled out due to other commitments, and it’s still possible that Johnson will go for an unknown.

Good Vibe
or Bad Vibe?

Mulholland Drive

Mulholland Drive

Well, somebody has to stick up for it. The Net buzz on this hasn’t been good, but David Lynch is the sort of talent that only a fool would write off. Kind of like Bob Dylan.

Whilst Mulholland Drive does come across as ‘Twin Peaks 2’ – indeed, it was originally planned as a miniseries – that doesn’t mean it’ll be bad. It probably won’t be to everybody’s taste, but give it a chance, people. And besides: it’s got Naomi (Jet Girl) Watts in it!

Good Vibe

HALL8WEEN Homecoming

Michelle Williams

The gossip about this eighth sequel has not been good. Rumours poured from the set that the film was going badly, and that nobody involved was satisfied with the finished result, least of all the studio. Whilst reshoots are par for the course, recasting and adding characters after the film has wrapped is more unusual.

Michelle Williams is now in the film, as is Charlie Cyphers, who played Annie’s father in the first Halloween. For this to be at all watchable will be a considerable triumph.

Bad Vibe

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