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Harry Potter
• Harry is already a literary superstar, but will his leap to the big screen confirm his status as an icon for our age, or tarnish that well-earned success? Starburst meets up with some key players on Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone* - producer David Heyman, director Chris Columbus and screenwriter Steve Kloves - for a lesson in making motion picture magic. PLUS! We chat to young star Daniel Radcliffe about Harry, Hagrid, and Hogwarts! (*... Sorceror's Stone in the US)

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From Strip to Screen: Dean Cain as SupermanFrom Strip to Screen
• With Raimi's Spider-Man in post-production, and other comic superheroes poised to follow the web-slinger onto film and TV, we consider the state of this genre. Part one of a series!

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Farscape: Claudia Black as Aeryn SunFarscape
• Producer David Kemper looks back at his work on Season Three of Farscape, and drops some teasing hints about Season 3's finale's impact on Aeryn, D'Argo and Crichton…

Guy Pearce and his Time MachineThe Time Machine
• In which Guy Pearce, as the 1890's time traveller, voyages into the far future... Director Simon Wells on bringing his own great-grandfather's classic novel back to movie screens

Earth: Final Conflict
• William Boone was missing, presumed dead, at the end of Season One. But now he's back, and we chat to actor Kevin Kilner about returning to fight a new threat to the planet. And he thought the Taelons were bad!

• We take a look back at the often troubled production of the greatest superhero movie of them all: the Salkinds' production of Superman, starring Christopher Reeve and released in 1978

Q & A
Enterprise's John Billingsley talks about his new life as a Denobulan… Whatever that is

 Things to Come
Script and production news on the new Star Trek film. A look forward to Lara Croft 2 and The Matrix 2. Why Steven Spielberg has an eye on Harry Potter 3. What's coming up for Enterprise, X-Files, Buffy, and much more! Plus - what's getting the good vibe this month?

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PLUS: Free Collectors' cards with this issue: Xenia Seeberg and her LEXX co-stars

LEXX Xenia Seeberg Art Card from #279

In a packed section this month...

We look at the best Sci-Fi and Fantasy literature in Bookshelf, examine a pick of programmes, films and extras in our DVD and Video files, and surf, rock and play our way through the web, soundtrack and toy reviews...

 In the most respected SF Movie Reviews section on the planet, the one-and-only Alan Jones looks at:

  • Action-packed lupine chiller
    Brotherhood of the Wolf
  • Disney's waterlogged Atlantis
  • Spanish shocker The Devil's Backbone

 TV View: Season premiere reviews of Enterprise and new Buffy, and reports on Mutant X and Wolf Lake

 It's Only A Movie
John Brosnan has a bone to pick with Spielberg over the "dreary" A.I.

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