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Matrix Rebooted to 2003

Morpheus bcomes a Kung Fu Fighter in MatrixThe much-anticipated face-off between Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones and The Matrix Reloaded won't be happening. Attack of the Clones is still on course to open next May, and Joel Silver has confirmed that The Matrix Reloaded won't emerge until summer 2003, thereby leaving a substantial gap between the two movies.

"It's just it's an enormous project," Silver commented recently. "It's a staggering project. There's so much dealing with it, it's unbelievable, and they just need time to finish both movies, because we're shooting them as one big movie. It's not back to back. It's one movie, so they'll finish shooting it, and then they'll take the time to finish the movies." Presumably, this would mean that the third film, The Matrix Revolutions, would be ready for release very soon after the second, as happened with the Back to the Future sequels, but nobody seems willing to predict a release date for the third instalment of the saga.

The delay will at least help the producers find a replacement for Aaliyah Houghton, the best-selling R'n'B singer who was to have appeared in both the sequels but was killed a plane crash on 25 August. Despite rumours that she'd completed the bulk of her work on the two films, the 22 year old had done only a few weeks of filming in June, and was due back in Sydney in January to shoot the bulk of her part.

X-Files Recruits Lawless

Having put her Chakram away, will The X-Files take on Agent Lawless?It's still impossible to get a straight answer out of anybody regarding the future of The X-Files beyond Season Nine, but an interesting piece of casting has been revealed. According to E! Online, Xena: Warrior Princess star Lucy Lawless has been signed up for two episodes this season, with the way left open for more.

The show's producers are keeping quiet about what her role will be, exactly: "We think we've found an interesting and unexpected way to have her join The X-Files family," was all that executive producer Frank Spotniz would say on the matter. Popular speculation is that she will be introduced as Agent Reyes' girlfriend (unlikely given the arrival of The Princess Bride's Cary Elwes as her ex), Gillian Anderson's replacement (possible) or, indeed, both. The wildest story came from Britain's Daily Star, which insisted Lawless will be the new romantic interest for a bereft Scully, following Mulder's departure!

Anderson has given conflicting reports of the likelihood of her staying on should the series continue, and drafting Lawless in might be a sound plan, as it would fit in with the X-Files tradition of off-the-wall casting, whilst putting a solid lead actress at the centre of the show. Knowing Carter and co, though, that's probably exactly what they won't do.

Fight of the Month

Slacker idol Kevin Smith recently claimed that Tim Burton had ripped him off. Smith told the New York Post that the 'surprise' ending of Planet of the Apes is lifted from one of his Jay and Silent Bob comics, published in 1998, and stated that he was thinking about suing.

Burton, when informed of this, didn't mince his words in his response: "Anyone that knows me knows I do not read comic books and I especially wouldn't read anything that was created by Kevin Smith." For a few days, handbags at 10 paces seemed inevitable.

Later, however, Smith informed the world that he had, in fact, been joking, and the irony-free Post had not realized. Unfortunately, it's a bit late for Burton to take his own, rather crueller, comments back.

Oh well...

Roswell's Galaxy Trek

Those Roswell aliens are apparently en route for a post-modern moment early in the new season, as Max auditions for a role as an alien in Enterprise, but only to be told by prospective director Jonathan Frakes that he's simply not convincing as an alien. Isn't it a bit early for this meta-textual silliness, Enterprise?

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