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Shrek Spawns SequelShrek 2: Attack of the graphic animators...

The Fairytale success of Shrek looks set to inspire more than the inevitable sequel. Plans are already underway for Shrek 2, for which Mike Myers, Eddie Murphy and Cameron Diaz could be paid $35,000 an hour for their voice services.

The total deal could add up to $5m each, topping what they're likely to receive from their lucrative share-of-profits deal from the first film (a canny decision given that they were only paid minimal upfront salaries). Shrek has already taken over $250m in the US and £22.3m in the UK**, putting it on course, not only to be the number one film of the year, but second only to The Lion King as the biggest animation of all time.

The next project for Shrek director Andrew Adamson is a CG-animated movie of Terry Pratchett's Bromeliad Trilogy, comprised of Truckers, Diggers and Wings. He intends to make the books' characters "as physical and real in the world as we are".

** Figures correct to Aug 5 2001

Dark times ahead for MaxDark Angel for Year 2

For those who thought James Cameron's Dark Angel never quite delivered what it promised during Season One, things are looking brighter - or should that be darker? - for the impending second season.

For the series' press launch in California, Cameron stated that the show would expand its universe slightly to "turbo charge" the Science Fiction elements.

This includes the addition of new "trans-humans", biopunk creations whose Frankenstein-like alterations are more physically obvious than those of the genetically modified heroine Max (Jessica Alba). It will also take on more of an X-Men feel as the general public become more aware - and therefore suspicious of - the DNA-altered Humans. Star Trek: Deep Space Nine's Nana Visitor, who had a recurring baddie role near the end of Season One, will return.

Russell Crowe, Everyman

Chameleon-like actor Russell Crowe could be following Gladiator with a string of heroic roles, the only matter is which one. The popular hunk is being eyed up as a potential star of Simon West's big screen version of The Prisoner, reports The Chicago Sun-Times.

He's also under consideration for director Francis Ford Coppola's SF epic Megalopolis (see Starburst #275), joining a possible A-list cast of Robert DeNiro, Nicolas Cage and Paul Newman.

An unconfirmed rumour even puts Crowe in the frame as the next James Bond, though a statement by 007 producers Eon said that Pierce Brosnan will remain in the role 'for the foreseeable future'.

Chimera next Castle Flagship

Dark Castle Entertainment, which has concentrated on William Castle remakes like House on Haunted Hill, is developing an original movie, Chimera, written by Mark Hanlon and directed by Christopher McQuarrie (writer-director of The Way of the Gun). The film is about mysterious happenings on a passenger ship lost in the 1950s but found drifting in the Bering Sea.

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