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AI spins a web of intrigue

The makers of AI: Artificial Intelligence have concocted an ingenious and appropriate piece of ‘viral marketing’ which could only thrive on the internet. The second enigmatic trailer for Steven Spielberg’s forthcoming SF event movie (released the July 4 weekend in the USA) , which was released on the internet in April, contained an unusual credit at the end: Sentient Machine Therapist – Jeanine Salla.

Artificial publicity: Anti-Robot MilitiaIntrepid webheads who looked for the name on search engines were greeted with a series of pages made to look like genuine corporate or research websites, each with their own domain name. (here's a search result from Google - Web. Ed. ).

The AI movie is not mentioned, but its mysterious themes are. There’s even an Anti-Robot Militia site. It’s possible that the off-beat marketing plan could include surfers being e-mailed or telephoned (if they enter their details on the sites). For starters go to, then try As for Spielberg’s next, Meryl Streep is to play a small role in the director’s forthcoming Philip K Dick adaptation Minority Report, starring Tom Cruise and Colin Farrell.
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Judd claws Catwoman

Ashley Judd (Star Trek: TNG, Heat, Kiss the Girls) has signed for the lead in the long-gestating Catwoman movie.

Ashley JuddTrade reports suggest the project will now be put on the ‘fast track’, though a spin-off solo effort for the dark feline avenger was first mooted after Tim Burton’s Batman Returns and has since gone through many script rewrites.

No director is currently attached and it remains to be seen which, if any, of the current Batman-related films will make it – including Darren Aronofsky and Frank Miller’s Year One project and a live-action Batman Beyond/Batman of the Future adaptation. In the meantime, pi and Requiem for a Dream director Darren Aronofsky continues to work on an unnamed top-secret SF film for Warner. The latest news on that is that Brad Pitt will star...

Caan turns to Lathe

James Caan (The Godfather, Rollerball, Misery) is to star in a TV movie based on The Lathe of Heaven, a novel by SF luminary Ursula K Le Guin.

Caan plays Dr William Haber whose patient George Orr (Mars Attacks! star Lukas Haas) can alter reality via his dreams. Lisa Bonet (High Fidelity) plays Orr’s friend and lawyer. The thought-provoking story was first dramatized for TV in 1980. The new two-hour production marks the first foray into SF for the US Arts & Entertainment cable network. It’s directed by Philip Haas (of Angels and Insects, and apparently no relation to Lukas).

Sequel news

Warner Bros is to go straight into production on Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets this autumn, shortly before the first film is even released. The virtual back-to-back schedule will ensure the sequel arrives in cinemas before the end of 2002 and that its youthful main cast does not age too drastically.

The Blade sequel has dropped its subtitle Bloodhunt and will simply be known as Blade 2. Guillermo Del Toro’s film, set in Eastern Europe and currently shooting in Prague, may lead to a third film. “I always envisioned Blade as a trilogy,” writer David Goyer told the Comics Continuum.

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