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The Mummy Returns - (Cover 1)
• And so it begins… the first of this summer's blockbuster movies! We dust off 1999's original tale that started it all, and begin uncovering the continuing events as The Scorpion King clashes with our heroes and The Mummy himself, Imhotep… Excerpts online

The X-Files - (Cover 2)
• Going further than other franchises have gone before, Chris Carter talks about the eighth season of The X-Files, as well as its big-screen future. Plus! Inside revelations about The Lone Gunmen and why going undercover can be so much fun! Excerpts online

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The Lone Gunmen (Bruce Harwood on right)The Lone Gunmen
• Still determined to uncover the world's biggest secrets, we talk to Bruce Harwood to see if he'll spill the beans on all that's being happening on The X-Files spin-off…

Angelina Jolie as Lara CroftTomb Raider
• Stop fiddling with your consoles! Game babe Lara Croft launches in full movie flesh and blood as director Simon West takes her to the next level this summer!

Robert Picardo and alien friend Star Trek: Voyager
• Paying us a house call, Robert Picardo talks about shutting down his program for one last time as Voyager travels the final leg of its journey in May…

First Wave
• We flag down actor Roger Cross and chat about his dual roles of Joshua and alien clone Cain on the hit SF show First Wave

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Special Unit 2
• "They're werewolves and mummies, but with a twist..." From Chicago cop to undercover agent, lead star Alexondra Lee talks about being drafted into the monster-bashing Special Unit 2

Total Recall
• With its arrival on DVD, we jog our memories of this classic Philip Dick-inspired SF blockbuster film in this month's Retrospective…

 Things to Come
There's no such thing as death in SF, as Battlestar Galactica and Babylon 5 head back to the small screen! Stargate takes another step into the feature film world, and Scooby-Doo gets animated thanks to the help of some CGI for his big screen adventure!

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In Starburst's regular section:

We review some of the hottest SF titles from our Bookshelf, and check out the latest entries in our Video and DVD Files. Plus! Our prime pick of everything new in our Soundtrack, Cybertech and Toys sections, including…

... Neal L Asher's Gridlinked in print, Day of the Triffids on DVD and Batman of the Future on VHS

 In our famed Movie Reviews, Alan Jones delivers the verdict on:

  • Nick Hamm's The Hole
  • Valentine starring David Boreanaz
  • Rob Green's The Bunker
  • And Robert Rodriguez's smash SF spoof Spy Kids

 TV View: Ian Spelling gives his honest opinion on the latest installments of top shows The X-Files, Voyager, Buffy and Angel

 It's Only A Movie! Suffering from one of the life-threatening hazards of being a free-lancer, John Brosnan discusses daytime TV and Arnold Schwarzenegger's libido!

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