Chris Carter reveals his hidden agenda and target for his two current hit series The X-Files and The Lone Gunmen...

Chris Carter

Text by Ian Spelling

Selected from Starburst #273

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The Lone Gunmen" says Chris Carter, "continues in the vein of the best comedic episodes of The X-Files and it takes guys who were the comic relief on The X-Files and expands their franchise, if you will. For myself [and fellow X-Files producer-writers] Frank Spotnitz, John Shiban and Vince Gilligan, The Lone Gunmen gives us a chance to tell stories that we probably wouldn’t tell on The X-Files. The stories we’re telling on The Lone Gunmen aren’t Science Fiction stories or scary stories. They are capers. They have more to do with corporate or government conspiracies, far more terrestrial stories.”

Carter speaks the truth, no pun intended. So far, Lone Gunmen stories have been about something along the lines of Mission: Impossible meets The Three Stooges meets There’s Something About Mary, as the action and the dialogue are played for laughs.

“I think it’s working,” says Carter of the show, which débuted in March to respectable reviews and decent ratings. “I think The Lone Gunmen tap into all of our inner geeks. I’ve got a big-time inner geek. I’ve also got a much bigger affinity for geeks than cool guys. It’s been very freeing to do the show. It’s an excellent chance to exercise muscles that haven’t been used in this way for a long time. I came from comedy. So it comes naturally to me, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it comes more easily. Some people don’t know that I came from comedy, but if you know me, if you know The X-Files, you’ll see that there’s always plenty of comedy in it.

Switching to The X-Files, the series is currently in its eighth year and performing strongly despite the part-time status of David Duchovny. As the show closes in on the final episodes of the season (***spoilers ahead***), it seems the aliens who abducted Mulder just spat him back and now everyone – Mulder, Scully, Doggett, new agent Monica Reyes and Skinner – must deal with the ramifications of his return.

“I’d say that we’ve had a season of above average episodes along with some excellent episodes,” Carter says. “As we build to the end of the season, to the birth of Scully’s baby, I think you’re going to see more of Mulder and Doggett tangling. You’re going to see more intrigue with Monica Reyes. And I think that you will see an interesting resolution that will perhaps be Mulder’s send-off.”

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Starburst #273
One of two alternate covers with this issue. Go here for our other cover story on The Mummy Returns

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