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Here come the Men in BlackThe long-proposed Men in Black 2 is now a certainty. A deal has been struck to reunite Will Smith, Tommy Lee Jones and director Barry Sonnenfeld in a ‘fast-track’ sequel which will commence photography in June. Regarding how Jones’s character is brought back, Smith told America’s TV Guide, “I can’t let it out but it’s brilliant.”

Smith also raved about the script. “It’s great when a sequel can have a better script.” Nevertheless, the MiB2 screenplay by Bob Gordon (Galaxy Quest) is currently undergoing a polish by Barry Fanaro (Kingpin).

Hollywood is buzzing with talk of writers’ and actors’ strikes threatened for the summer. Therefore, both MiB2 and the Matrix sequels have ingeniously built the possible shutdowns into their schedules. Both productions aim to shoot complicated visual-effects-related scenes first so that FX artists can begin working on the footage, leaving more straightforward scenes until after any potential interruption.
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Romulans roped into Star Trek X

It is no secret that Gladiator co-writer John Logan is at work on the tenth Star Trek feature film, currently under the suitably Romanesque working title Star Trek X. Finally, a few snippets about the scenario have leaked out. Given Brent Spiner’s involvement in story development, Data will have a major slice of the action. However, contrary to what Spiner has previously indicated, Data is not likely to die – at least if Paramount producers have their way – although it does look like it will be the last time the entire Next Generation crew appears together on screen.

The Romulans are also said to feature in the movie in some way, however, Logan is said to have created a new villain, the likes of which has not graced Trek lore since Khan. The film is planned for a 2002 release.
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Twohy shakes Harlan's hand

Harlan Ellison’s classic SF tale Demon with a Glass Hand is being developed into a feature film by Pitch Black’s David Twohy.

The original demonThe story became one of the all-time great Outer Limits episodes of the 1960s and influenced future film-makers, not least James Cameron (whose Terminator end credits had to be altered to acknowledge Ellison’s work on Demon, and the more influential Soldier after a lawsuit).

The premise tells of a lone man trying to restore his memory by locating the missing fingers of his transparent prosthetic hand – which acts as a sophisticated computer. Ellison is adapting his story for Twohy to direct, probably after the film-maker’s next project, Proteus.


• Former TV Highlander star Adrian Paul has a new series in the works, a yet-to-be-titled SF show about a bounty hunter who tracks escaped convicts throughout the galaxy. It comes from the same stable as Tia Carrere’s Relic Hunter.

• The US Sci-Fi Channel saw its biggest ever ratings with the première of its ambitious Dune mini-series. The opening episode of the three-part, six-hour adaptation was seen by 3m households, twice that of the network’s previous high-earner, The Invisible Man.

The Sight, a Supernatural pilot directed by Paul Anderson and shown last year on Sky One in the UK and FX in the US, will be turned into a series. Amanda Redman, who will star with Andrew McCarthy, has reportedly signed a five-year contract – should the big-budget Sky/Warner Bros series prove to be an ongoing hit.

• Izabella Scorupco (Vertical Limit) will co-star with the previously announced Matthew McConaughey and Christian Bale in Rob (X-Files) Bowman’s apocalyptic Fantasy Reign of Fire. Scorupco plays a pilot and Bale’s love interest. Although set in England, most, if not all, filming will take place in Ireland.

• Pop star turned actress Aaliyah (Romeo Must Die
and the forthcoming Anne Rice adaptation Queen of the Damned) is set to join Jada Pinkett-Smith as a new character in The Matrix 2.

Aaliyah tries again

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