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the latest Buffy boxset, a quartet of Young Indy adventures on VHS, and the superb Men in Black DVDs

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Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Series 3, Episodes 12-22 • Boxed Set (or three tapes) 21st August • Cert 15, Twentieth Century Fox

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School’s Out for Summer

Sarah Michelle Gellar, Alyson Hannigan, Nicholas Brendon, Eliza Dushku

With the second half of Buffy’s third year, we see the Scooby Gang end their school careers with a bit more than just a final half day and someone bringing in Connect 4. This collection of episodes follows the plot involving the Mayor and unstable Slayer Faith, and as such provides a long background arc which comes as a surprise in a show like Buffy. On the whole it manages well, with this selection offering up some of the best stories ever (namely The Zeppo, Dopplegangland and Earshot).

Unfortunately, to make the arc last there’s a tendency towards stories which do little except progress the background story at the cost of involving plots. The number of characters crowbarred into the regular cast also leads to line-sharing, and the strong individualities of earlier episodes begin to diminish. Thanks to the performances and skills behind the cameras, it’s still good stuff, but it’s not the best collection to be released so far.

Men in Black
DVD R2 • Will Smith, Tommy Lee Jones
94 mins, 1.85:1 • Out September 4

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The Movie

A brash, breezy, sci-fi buddy flick with effects that range from the sublime (the final face off with the bug monster) to the ridiculous (a host of sub-Muppet aliens). It’s not important that the narrative – concerning illegal aliens fighting over ‘the galaxy on Orion’s belt’ – barely registers. Just switch brain to neutral and revel in the sheer absurdity of it all.

Starburst rating: 8

The Extras

Columbia Tristar have opted for two different versions of one of their hottest properties. The Collector’s Edition (suggested retail price £19.99) comes replete with theatrical trailers, Will Smith’s music video, talent profiles, the original featurette, a new documentary, extensive art and photo galleries and alternate scenes. A novel commentary track offers the option of viewing silhouettes of Jones and director Barry Sonnenfeld as they discuss the movie. Learn why the Neuralizer was a nightmare prop, why Vincent D’Onofrio is impersonating Peter Sellers and how CGI seamlessly augments the live action.

You want more? Then for a further five quid (or thereabouts) invest in the twin-set Special Limited Edition, which contains both full screen and widescreen transfers, a second commentary track with Sonnenfeld and the ILM effects wizards and a host of supplementary materials on the second disc. These include an amazing gallery of 1000 art designs and production photos, features on the alien effects and a Scene Editing Workshop, which allows viewers to be the director. At the time of writing the Special Edition features were unavailable for viewing, but full marks seem a pretty safe bet…

Starburst rating: 10

The Adventures of Young Indiana Jones
Four Volumes, 14th August • Cert PG, Paramount Home Entertainment

Young Indiana Jones

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Whipcrack Away, Whipcrack Away

Sean Patrick Flannery

While audiences wait – and wait and wait – for the next chapter of the intrepid Fedora-wearing archaeologist’s exploits, these Paramount releases keep things whipping along nicely, compiled from The Adventures of Young Indiana Jones, with the charismatic Sean Patrick Flannery as the hero in younger years.

Spring Break Adventure has Jones meeting Thomas Edison and the inspiration for Nancy Drew in encounters with German spies and then the Mexican revolution. The late, great Bob Peck turns up as Vlad the Impaler when Masks of Evil also pitches Indiana against an assassination plot in Istanbul. Adopting a child during an African mission raises its own problems for Indy in The Giver and Taker of Life, a strong feature which is a more spiritual adventure than most. Finally, Christopher Lee guests in Adventures in the Secret Service as Jones becomes involved in espionage in the war-torn Europe of 1917.

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