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Zemeckis Turns Macabre

Robert Zemeckis: getting the Macabre touchAfter such lofty projects as Contact and the forthcoming What Lies Beneath Robert Zemeckis is to switch into pure pulp Horror mode with Macabre. It’s a $15-20m re-make of the 1958 William Castle schlocker from Dark Castle Entertainment, the new company formed by Zemeckis and Joel (Matrix) Silver to develop low-to-medium budget contemporary versions of William Castle’s library.

The first endeavour was the successful House on Haunted Hill. Zemeckis will reportedly forfeit his usual effects-dominated technique and use hand-held cameras and naturalistic settings for Macabre. It tells the story of a doctor whose daughter has been kidnapped and possibly buried alive. The 1950s version came with a trademark Castle gimmick, namely that all viewers were insured by Lloyds of London should they die of fright while watching the movie.

More News in brief...

Leon and Mission: Impossible movie star Jean Reno is poised to take a role in John McTiernan’s re-make of Rollerball. Reno will play the unscrupulous boss of a rival rollerball team who will stop at nothing, even fatalities, to win more games, revenue and ratings..

Robbie Coltrane continues to expand his film career after GoldenEye and The World is Not Enough by co-starring with Johnny Depp, Heather Graham and Nigel Hawthorne in Albert and Allen Hughes’s Jack the Ripper thriller From Hell.

Vin Diesel: back in Black?
Pitch Back?

The excellent Pitch Black (belatedly arriving in the UK in late July after much rescheduling by UIP) looks set to gain a sequel according to its star Vin (Iron Giant) Diesel. Original writer-director David Twohy has reportedly written an outline but it’s as yet unclear whether he will return to make the follow-up. Diesel, however, seems almost certain to come back.

The X-Teens

While we wait with baited breath for the first live action X-Men movie, the animated TV series is set for a revival and a revamp under the title X-Men Evolution. Skewed towards younger viewers, it’s set at the Xavier Institute high school and populated by teenage versions of Jean Grey, Cyclops, Toad and others. Professor Xavier, Magneto, Mystique, Wolverine and Storm (who are all older than the majority of the other characters) will also feature.

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