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Sleepy Hollow
DVD Region 2 • Johnny Depp, Christina Ricci, Michael Gambon 105 minutes • 1.85:1 • Out (UK) July 24

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The Movie

Tim Burton re-invents Hammer Horror for the Nineties with this visually impressive take on the tale of the Headless Horseman. A fine line-up of British actors (Michael Gambon, Michael Gough, Richard Griffith) lend powerful support, while Depp, in the leading role of Ichabod Crane, displays his versatility. With some crowd-pleasing set pieces and genuinely chilling moments, this is Burton’s most mainstream film yet.

Starburst rating: 9

The Extras

The sublime photography looks radiant as a 1.85:1 transfer, while Dolby Digital 5.1 emphasizes those neck-slicing swings of the axe. Burton fans will enjoy the director’s insightful commentary, while two separate features (Behind the Legend and Reflections on Sleepy Hollow) are packed with interviews, clips, design drawings and on-set footage. The Photo Gallery comprises over a dozen publicity stills, there are two theatrical trailers, plus a wide range of in-depth cast and film-maker biographies.

Starburst rating: 8

Farscape • Vol 1.5
VHS PAL • Three Episodes
12th June • Cert PG • Contender Video

Farscape 1.5

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Sects Mad

Ben Browder, Claudia Black

The further adventures of the living ship Moya and the people who live in its guts. In They’ve Got a Secret, Roy Wood lookalike D’Argo is injured and begins to relive parts of his life through his shipmates.

Till the Blood Runs Clear involves bounty-tracker fun following problems with the Moya, and Crichton can only save a captured D’Argo by getting him to trust in him. Not unsurprisingly a Zhaan story, Rhapsody in Blue has the priestess being used in a scheme to heal her sect’s ruler.

Muppets from Space
DVD Region 2 • Dave Golez, Steve Whitmire, Frank Oz • 85 minutes • 1.85:1 • Out (UK) June 26

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The Movie

An uncomfortably dated mix of ET and Men in Black shenanigans finds Gonzo attempting to discover his heritage after aliens spell out a message in his breakfast cereal. Faded star cameos (Andie MacDowell, Ray Liotta), an overbearing funk soundtrack and worse racial stereo-typing than The Phantom Menace grate on the nerves. However, Miss Piggy’s début as a TV presenter is a treat, and the film-makers’ abilities to make us care for a bunch of sock puppets and cuddly toys never ceases to amaze.

Starburst rating: 6

The Extras

Henson takes a leaf out of Pixar’s book by including a wealth of Muppet ‘bloopers’, which should make the kiddies giggle. Far more entertaining is the commentary track, in which director Tim Hill is joined by Kermit, Piggy et al for two hours of frequently hilarious improvized comedy. There’s also a pop video, trailers and brief talent profiles for Hill and his cast.

Starburst rating: 8

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