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ExistenZ, and the latest James Bond film on DVD

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DVD Region 2, 8th May (also released on VHS) Cert 15 • 93 mins, 1.85:1• Alliance Atlantis

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"An astonishing, accomplished thrill ride"

Jennifer Jason Leigh,
Jude Law, Ian Holm

The Movie

Games master David Cronenberg is obviously having a hoot surprising his audience in the first of this month’s VR-themed DVD releases . A sophisticated SF thriller that showcases a wealth of Brit talent (including BAFTA-hot Law plus Ian Holm and Christopher Eccleston), eXistenZ is the writer/director at his best, a neatly devised theme-park attraction in which the lines between wild Fantasy and sober reality become increasingly indistinct. An astonishing and accomplished thrill ride. (also reviewed in print: The Lawnmower Man)

Starburst rating: 9

The Extras

An unforgivable non-anamorphic transfer is supported by no less than three commentary tracks, with Cronenberg, director of photography Peter Suschitzky and special effects supervisor Jim Isaac. The unique look of the movie is fully explored in The Invisible Art of the Production Designer, a 50-minute video diary-esque documentary following the work of Carol Spier. Devoted to Cronenberg’s favourite designer, it provides extensive access to the eXistenZ set, and includes vintage behind the scenes footage of The Naked Lunch and Dead Ringers. Accompanied by the dreamy and steamy US theatrical trailer, this is a well-compiled disc.

Starburst rating: 9

The World is Not Enough
DVD Region 2, 22nd May (also released on VHS) • Cert 12 • 123 mins 2.35:1

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"The feature quality is faultless"

Pierce Brosnan, Sophie Marceau, Denise Richards

The Movie

The Bond movie for the new Millennium is a shaken and stirred cocktail of the obligatory (and slightly familiar) elements combined with a more character-based narrative. The result plays like a remixed ‘Best of’ collection for the franchise boosted by some sterling British character actors. Hugely enjoyable then, but hardly a major departure from the norm.

Starburst rating: 8

The Extras

There’s more than enough added value to satisfy Bond fans, the highlight being Secrets of 007, a brilliant feature that allows access to storyboards, concept drawings, clips and on- set video footage from nine key scenes. There’s also a meaty ‘Making of’ documentary, a touching tribute to Desmond Llewellyn (who died just as the film reached cinemas), plus Bond Down River, which celebrates the top-notch Thames sequence shot at MI5’s Vauxhall HQ and the Millennium Dome. Throw in two commentary tracks (which include director Michael Apted, plus composer David Arnold and second unit director Vic Armstrong), the trailer, the Garbage music video and the Playstation game trailer, and you have a disc that’s right on target.

Starburst rating: 10

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