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Tim Burton Going Ape

Planet of Burton's ApesThe new version of Planet of the Apes has now gone through yet another script revision. Picking up where Sleepy Hollow’s Andrew Kevin Walker left off is William Broyles (Apollo 13).

With directors such as Oliver Stone, James Cameron and Chris Columbus long gone, the first name going on the address label for this new script is Tim Burton – whose take on the subject matter would be intriguing to say the least.

At the time of writing, Burton was in advanced talks to direct what’s called a ‘re-imagining’ of Apes. Charlton Heston played the lead role in the original when he was 44. Broyles’s version is understood to have a much younger hero. 20th Century Fox now hopes to rush the film into production for a May 2001 release.

Sixth Sense's youngest Oscar® contenderOscars may see some sense

For a change, SF, Horror and Fantasy films get recognized in major categories for this year’s Oscar nominations.

Big potential winners are prestigious hits like The Sixth Sense (up for Best Picture, Supporting Actor – Haley Joel Osment, Supporting Actress – Toni Collette, Director, Original Screenplay and Editing), The Green Mile (Best Picture, Supporting Actor – Michael Clarke Duncan, Adapted Screenplay, Sound) and Being John Malkovich (Best Supporting Actress – Katherine Keener, Director, Original Screenplay).

Flying with DinosaursJurassic Park 3

Joe Johnston (The Rocketeer, Jumanji) has been talking about his collaboration with Spielberg on Jurassic Park 3, now in an advanced stage of pre-production with Johnston at the helm. “There will be new persons and new dinosaurs. Maybe there will be two characters we already know from the two first ones. I will of course use a lot of the new techniques that have been invented in the latest Star Wars. I see a lot of flying reptiles.”

Buzz is lightyears ahead

Toy Story 2 is on the way to infinity and beyond with its record-breaking UK cinema opening. Its countrywide launch on February 11 led to an extraordinary £7.8m weekend total which topped the previous record-holder, 1999’s Star Wars Episode I (with a £7.5m opening). Three weekends later, it's still number one having grossed a staggering £36.4 million - Web Ed)

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