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Gillian Anderson
by Jean Cummings

As The X-Files nears the end of its seventh season, its two stars prepare to move on to pastures new…

David Duchovny by Jim Lloyd

Gillian Anderson is resolute about her future: “I will not be doing an eighth season,” she confides in a recent face-to-face interview. When The X-Files began with little fanfare on the fledgling Fox network seven years ago, the actress and her co-star David Duchovny were virtual unknowns. Since then, The X-Files has become a worldwide phenomenon, but one which she hopes is nearing its end.

Scully for Eight?

However, as she admits during the same conversation, the actress who brought life to FBI agent Dana Scully is already under contract for another season if Fox choose, whereas her co-star David Duchovny and series creator/producer/writer Chris Carter have not signed for an eighth year.

“It was something that needed to be installed in order to get something else accomplished,” she explains in typical Gillian Anderson fashion, straight and candid. “However, at this point, seeing how the seasons have been progressing and where we are in the life of the show as a whole, it makes sense to me, and I can only hope that it would make sense to the others who are involved, to realize that we’ve done our best years.

“We’ve done the best we can do. We should be proud of what we’ve done. Everybody’s interest, except for the financial interest with Fox, is starting to spread. It’s starting to wax and wane away from the central focus on the show. So, I think the most beneficial thing for the series is to keep it in good form and to go out on a positive note would be to end it when we still have the strength and the commitment to do it.

“I personally don’t know if physically, emotionally, spiritually, I could do another season. To really show up and put in 100%. When people have to show up and feel that they’re not doing it for the right reasons, that’s not a fun place to work, you know? I just hope that the people who are involved in making that decision see clearly in that direction as well.”

Dazed and Confused

She pauses for a moment when asked what has been the best thing, and the worst, about doing the show. “See, it’s only when I get questions like that that it really hits me that we’re coming so close, you know. I can’t even begin to talk about how the experience on the show has affected all aspects of my life. It has been the most challenging, most fortunate, a perfect experience in all its imperfections that I could ever have dreamed of being involved in.

“It’s been the most remarkable experience just to have the opportunity to play one of these two amazing characters and to be involved in something that has a very strong place in the history of television. I just don’t see any downside.”

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Seventh Heaven

The seventh and apparently final season of The X-Files opens in traditional style with The Sixth Extinction, a cliffhanger-resolving two-parter from the pen of Chris Carter (assisted by David Duchovny) which mixes together ominous voice-overs, surprise reappearances by familiar faces from the series’ tangled mythology, and the apparent death of a recurring character.

Monster of the Week outing Hungry follows, before Chris Carter retakes the helm to wrap up the loose ends left over by the cancellation of Millennium, as Mulder and Scully investigate three agents who’ve apparently risen from the grave.

As the trio were all members of the Millennium Group, the agents’ first port of call is the psychiatric hospital where Frank Black is undergoing treatment. Millennium fans will be cheered by Lance Henriksen’s unexpected encore, but The X-Files’ regular viewers will be more intrigued by a long-awaited contact between the two agents as Auld Lang Syne belts out… continued

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