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Star Trek: Voyager
Now the only Trek series on air, Voyager charts a confident course in its upcoming sixth season. Starburst was invited on set for the special episode Barge of the Dead, which finds B'Elanna Torres in Klingon Hell. Our stunning 7-page feature presents interviews, loads of photos from this episode, plus a preview of the new series' opening stories.

Peter Davison is back as The DoctorDoctor Who
• He's back… and he sounds great! Visiting the Big Finish recordings that bring the Time Lord back for authentic audio dramas, we spoke to 5th Doctor Peter Davison, Mark (Turlough) Strickson and writer Mark Gatiss. With exclusive cast shots!

Star Wars – Exclusive
• Only available in Starburst … eight pages of previously unpublished behind the scenes photographs from Star Wars: Episode IV - A New Hope. See Mark Hamill, Anthony Daniels, George Lucas and the Millenium Falcon as you've never seen them before. Unmissable!

Thomas Crown was not enough for PierceJames Bond
• Alan Jones visits the set of The World is Not Enough and chats to Pierce Brosnan, Robert Carlyle, Denise Richards and director Michael Apted in this enlightening preview

The X-Files
• Chris Carter's right hand man, Frank Spotnitz, shares some secrets of the upcoming season seven. What are the new stories about? Who's writing them? And how will it all end?

Lili Taylor faces up to The HauntingThe Haunting
• Director Jan De Bont takes us inside his haunted house. "To walk around the set was scary... And you didn't want to be there alone".

Series creator Jason Katims on his hopes for the WB's new teen SF drama

The 13th Warrior
The story behind this epic saga starring Antonio Banderas

Things to Come, your essential round-up of the latest news from the world of Sci-Fi entertainment
• In the latest Movie Reviews by Alan Jones: South Park: Bigger, Longer and Uncut, and Inspector Gadget and Tarzan.
• Also, alongside our regular video, books, cybertech and soundtrack reviews, there's a new DVD column with the latest releases.
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