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Red Dwarf VIII
Behind the scenes on the rebooted season eight, as veteran director and producer Ed Bye takes a break from the editing suite to talk. Preview our feature here

Quark's Strange CharmStar Trek: Deep Space Nine
• exclusive talk on-set with Armin Shimerman (the loveable rogue Quark), who is forthright enough to say "I've always been disappointed in the Ferengi episodes..."

Sci-Fi Film Bonanza!
  • The Faculty • Robert Patrick and Salma Hayek discuss the creepy Kevin Williamson SF movie
  • Pleasantville • Joan Allen on the wonderful transformations of a black-and-white world
  • Mighty Joe Young • Bill Paxton (from Aliens and Titanic) on co-starring with a giant ape
Robot Wars in Virusand Virus
How do you make a robot that cuts up humans? The special effects technicians at XFX tell us the secrets behind the homicidal aliens who are all at sea with Jamie Lee Curtis

Giles' rebellious youth relived in Band CandyBuffy the Vampire Slayer
• There's more to Rupert Giles than meets the eye. After surviving some surprising turns in its third season, Anthony Stewart Head reveals what life has in store for Buffy's Watcher

Earth: Final Conflict
David Hemblen, alias Resistance leader Jonathan Doors, lets us in on his plans

StarGate SG-1
Take a leap into other dimensions with Amanda Tapping, alias Captain Carter.

The X-Files
A look at the first 12 episodes of Season Six - up to the thrilling two-part story that exposes the truth!

In Alan Jones' Previews: the exceptional eXistenZ, plus Last Night, The Faculty, Virus and I Still Know What You Did Last Summer • The latest books, videos, soundtracks and games in our comprehensive reviews section • Your essential round-up of Sci-Fi news in Things to Come • and, as ever, our readers' diverse letters in Feedback
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