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selected from Starburst #245

New Beginnings
A taste of the kind of Star Wars fever that will grip cinemas worldwide in a few months occurred in the US on November 17 with the first screenings of the official trailer for Episode One: The Phantom Menace (confirmed as the title at the end of the two-minute preview).

Darth Vader wants you!One early viewer was journalist Jeffrey Wells, of the Mr Showbiz website. “It definitely gets your blood racing,” he enthused. “Light-sabre duels, that awesome John Williams music, a shaggy-haired Liam Neeson, painterly CGI vistas, Ewan McGregor as a young Obi-Wan Kenobi, speeding air-buggies, new Space creatures, Natalie Portman as the new Carrie Fisher, celestial dog-fights... it’s an eyeful.” Viewers also seem to have been mostly delighted by the trailer according to the deluge of reports that followed. The two-minute teaser became an attraction in itself with many satisfied customers reportedly leaving cinemas before the main feature they’d supposedly paid to see!

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Making a Mockery
We thought they already were a parody, but the Scream movies – along with recent cash-ins – are to be sent-up by the writers of Spy Hard in Scream if You Know What I Did Last Summer. Even more bizarrely, the script has been bought by Dimension, the studio that made Scream... Only in Hollywood. Still with Dimension, two more Horror comic adaptations may be on the way: Ghosting (a college-set story where kids have to spend time in a haunted house as part of their ‘fraternity pledges’) and the best-selling Dead of Night.

Beginning of the End
It looks like The X-Files will end after seven seasons. “That’s what I anticipate,” said creator Chris Carter to the Associated Press, though he did admit, “if it goes past that it will be great.” The Beginning, the much-publicized season première episode of The X-Files managed to pay off for Fox by being the network’s top show that week (when it aired on November 8) and 12th overall. However, year-on-year the ratings had dropped by 26 percent. Press reports are concluding that, while still popular, the show has probably peaked – with the US domestic audience now succumbing the global erosion of The X-Files’ ratings. Perhaps the viewers were abducted by UFOs...

These are the Voyages
Majel Barrett Roddenberry has been rummaging through her late husband’s filing cabinet again and has discovered the inventively-titled Starship. It will now be developed into a computer-generated animation series by Barrett Roddenberry along with Mainframe Entertainment, the Canadian makers of ReBoot. The premise involves a massive spaceship constructed especially to explore the outer edges of the galaxy. Sound familiar? Yes, but at least the animation will be more lively than the Star Trek TV cartoon.

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