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Babylon 5 Join us behind the scenes on River of Souls - the new TV movie featuring Martin Sheen as the Soul Hunter, and a select group of the series' cast

New Season TV SF :

  • Executive Producer Bryce Zabel on romance and revenge beyond death in The Crow's 22-part spin-off
  • Even in space's deepest frontiers, there's a new hospital drama at Mercy Point
  • Lance Henriksen - after the apocalypse, he's back for Millennium's third season

Star Trek: InsurrectionA photo-packed feature with production designer Herman Zimmermann - an influence on four Trek generations - discussing the challenges of the new movie

Picard on the Ba'ku homeworld

Earth: Final ConflictLisa Howard (leading lady Capt. Lili Marquette) previews the re-vamped, re-cast second year. She even reveals how there's room for more than one Lili. Exclusive on-set pictures!

Lisa Howard from E:FC Season 2

The Truman ShowThe blockbuster collaboration between Fearless director Peter Weir and Gattaca writer Andrew Niccol - is it the year's best film? Find out more as they both talk to Starburst

Small Soldiers More complex than Jurassic Park's T-Rex? As foot-high fighting toys overrun a small town in Joe Dante's latest fantasy, we've got FX secrets from the full-size Stan Winston.

Kolchak • talks! Darren McGavin on playing The Night Stalker in the mid-70s, and his guest roles for an indebted Chris Carter in The X-Files and Millennium. Plus X-Files' Lone Gunman Bruce Harwood - have we seen the last of him?

Plus • Kevin Williamson on Halloween H20 • Jason Scott Lee on Soldier • Reviews of Apt Pupil, Halloween H20 and Deep Rising • The latest books, videos, soundtracks and games in our comprehensive reviews section • Your essential round-up of Sci-Fi news in Things to Come• John Brosnan on The Avengers and The X-Files.

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